Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Who has time to go to work!

Today was tackle the carport and get ready for the garage sale. Been doing this now for about ten years now , pretty well an annual fundraiser. And although the money is not great it is another way for me to spread the word for the animals who call this home with little cost except for my labour.

I pulled out all the tables from the back little shed and a sheet of plywood and have i told you everything i touch here weights an average of 50-100lbs LOL . Man those table's are heavy!! Big old ancient board room tables with the steel legs. And i began the daunting task of opening boxes full of treasures and folding cardboard . And the pigs are helping too by investigating things a pigs way such as chewing corners and "whats in this one? " until i had enough of re fixing stuff and boxes being dragged all over the place as surely there must be something to eat in there!

With the exception of George and Pebbles who had found there way in here threw an open door. Mom called and said she was bringing dinner so i sat down for a break at 4;00 before i had to feed all the kids dinner.

Speaking of dinner Mom and I dewormed all the pigs again yesterday using two jars of strawberry jam and five loafs of bread and just enough meds to do them all. Way quicker then cookies and received a tad better this time.

George was making himself all comfy here in the living room and when Mom was giving him a belly rub i got down to check his hooves. Reaching for the clippers i keep handy on the kitchen counter I clipped the tip of a dew claw and he never even budged. Pretty easy to figure out on the hooves of a pig what is nail and what is not. Sometimes i grab a 3" spike and while giving him a belly rub i can determine if it is the meat of the hoof or dead skin from growth by scraping at it to free up debris and expose the hard nail of the hooves. By familiarizing yourself with there hooves and investigating them every time they are laying down will quiet your heart as you gain the required knowledge and at the same time having them getting used to you working with them. With Mom continuing to love on him that little pig let me do all of his trotters with out one little grumble. What an good good pig to not fear me as this is the first time i have done this to him. And I wonder who had taken care of him so long ago. Long before the person who got him and brought him here with tusks penetrating threw both of his cheeks and into his mouth preventing him from being able to open his jaw all the way. Poor little George who would of felt the prick of those tusks years before they slowly grew, piercing further and further in threw his little face. Add to that as he lived intact all these years which only added to the stress he was already under . George had received the bottom of the barrel in animal care for any species and i thank God HONS is here to receive this little soul.

I took a picture of the tool i use to wire saw off tusks and the tusks that came off of George when he arrived here two years ago. I placed the pen to show you at what point they were inside of his mouth.

And that is my Mom who is 86 years old who would kill me if she saw this picture of her reaching for George but not only does she truly love me and the pigs she also helped feed them all tonignt with a little bucket in her frail hands. And not to forget that is her dog Nicky and my Buddy wondering waht all the fuss about pigs is.

Finally I have got to lead you to a fantastic Blog i discovered only because the Canine Blogger found me and trust me it is a hoot!!

p.s the couch will get turffed when i sell excuse the mess in here....

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