Thursday, April 23, 2009

There is no " Chance"

This morning I received a wonderful email full of love from someone far away and he spoke about loosing his canine companion , O'Malley. His words stirred many emotions but the one that lingers is gratitude.

The sun is shining and i await the fencers who i hired in a flap yesterday. I was so far away from being ready for the 12 piggers who will be moving here hopefully on Sunday. So as i fret about the area not being ready yet , the large shed needing to be moved into a better position and the area not being big enough i get an email. One which has sent me a message unknowingly of gratitude , and so i am . I am forever in a perpetual state of having to do more , build more, help more and question all that i do and wish i had more of everything in order to build better and help bigger.

I am always 'okay', "we" the pigs and I seem to be taken care of when we need it the most. We are never rich or have too much but we always seem to have what we need. Someone or something comes into our lives exactly when we need it the most.

So today , I will cherish the sun and all that i have done and all that have helped me do it.

Thank you for loving the animals, thank you for all that you do to make change for a better tomorrow and thank you for helping us do our part here every day.

And O'malley thank you for letting me see it and so today a pciture of a little great dog my Jingle Bell who is one of the spirit herd coems threw loud and clear today. Thank you too!!

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