Saturday, April 25, 2009


I start every morning with a cup of coffee here and catch up on pig sanctuary news some from Canada but mostly the United States. It seems that after every large rescue up springs another but somewhere out there some one is giving there all to do right by the animals discarded by humanity. Some one driving 100's of miles , finding the funds, finding the holding places, arranging the spay and neuters then more transports and then finding forever homes.

One little pig out of a herd of 30 plus travelling 1000's of miles and across several states , blood work , tagged and requiring emergency surgery finds his little self in the home of a well respected Vet. Can it get any better!!??

The day before the arrival here of 12 more pigs has had me pretty keyed up. In a flap and getting to close with out anything done i hired two guys out of the paper Tuesday morning to start the fencing. And after a nice chunk of change i sent them on there way the following day. Gates were not there specialty but at least the fence was started. Thursday after they left i spent returning my carport back to normal after tearing this place a part to find every 2"x6" i had so the only fencng materials i needed to purchase was the wire. Friday was a trip to the dump, buy a truck load of hay for bedding and then pick up 400 lbs of pelleted feed for the week. After putting it away it was all i could do and for some reason i was at peace with this.

I went out to feed the horses and start to mix dinner for the pigs at the barn. Grabbing a 50lb bag of feed i went to toss it into a empty feed bin and something made me stop. I put down the bag and looked into the tub only to see a young little furcoat in a ball trying very hard to hide at the bottom of an empty blue rubber made garbage tub. Now i wish he would find another place to dine as i set him free in my hay stall and i will have to figure out how he got in there and stop him from returning. But thank goodness i looked first!!

This morning i woke to knowing by some miracle both sheds would need to be moved, ramps made and the balance of the fencing done. I was at ease when i sat here and drank my cup of coffee this morning and then one by one help started to arrive. My sister, Paula and her husband Jim, Brian who comes to check on my guinea's for me,Morris a new friend, Joe and his buddy Andrew of all days stopped into help do some pruning for me and walla we had our crew.

Paula and i cleaned the piggy paddocks , Nancy did the horses and hten Mom arrived and made everyone grilled cheese sandwiches. Noon had arrived and most leaving Joe and Andrew to finish the project. they did it and in record time. Some thing about men and power tools!!

Everyone had goodies today as Susan and Wendy have been grabbing stuff from bakeries all week and drying it out for a crunchy snack for the pigs, horses included!! Wendy even brought me a beautiful pot of yellow flowers. ;o)))

By 2:30 everyone was gone and although i have some work to do in the morning a miracle happened on 232nd Street!!

God has provided us with Angels on earth to complete a home for 12 little pigs here today. He started this two weeks ago with a garage sale but in reality He started this with a little black pig who arrived here a long time ago on a cold winter day.

Oh yes we do have Angels surrounding us and i feel Blessed for such an awesome day!!

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