Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day One " The After Math"

Its just past midnight as i have just come in from feeding the kids who for the last hour have been single filing in out of here asking me oh so nicely to get moving!! After every one cleared out of here at about 5:30 i sat down on the couch and woke up at 9:30 lol.

The garage sale was a hoot , beautiful weather and with all the pigs out weaving threw our customers during the day i am sure added to there shopping experience here.

Comet the only pig who was warned on the average of every 30 minutes if he didn't behave would be put away. Him taking off with a bag of who knows what with young Stephanie chasing after him had me running for treats in order to swindle the bag out of his mouth. Then grabbing a mouth full of strung red berry Christmas garland and then the tug of war sending fake berries down the driveway well needless to say he kept us busy as well.

I saw many faces who support the garage sale , some new faces who support us and a visit by good friends with bags of goodies for the pigs and hugs from new ones. Nancy and Mom are great at selling , Paula was racing around championing the pigs and recruiting. Stephanie a great young lady who has only just started volunteering who is awesome , Helen and gosh her friends name leaves me were shopping like crazy and the boys Jim and Josh out working for the animals at the barn. And Diane who priced everything for us!!

Here is a few pictures from today, we will go one more day as we still have tons left so off to bed i go.

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