Monday, April 20, 2009

Love and Sunshine

Wow time flies when your spending nights at one end of the town and racing back here in the morning. Spent four nights at Jeans getting to know the herd that will be moved here soon. Such lovely little pigs and Jean must help me figure out who is who as i only can identify 6 of them right now. I brought out huge bags of popcorn, carrots and cheeses for treats. ;o)) It was exhausting for some reason going back and forth but in the evening when everyone was fed and safe i sat back in an outside chair in the dark and listened to an amazing chorus by the frogs every night. The stars are bright and the air is fresh . My last night there Jeans lone coyote was calling out for his pack across the street and then her cat racing around in the attic had me thinking a bear was up there.

Travelling back from Mission i go right by the Black Sheep Pub and walla the truck was there to grab the shed donated by Andrew the owner there. I haven't been this excited in a long time , it was all going to happen!! I thought what a good story about the community coming together this would make and called the Maple Ridge Times and hoped Amy could get down here! Every piece of this plan fell together as Shelly & I sobbed in happiness , Pete's crew from Superior Home Movers put all there equipment to work. This crew is totally friendly, professional and skilled at there work. And Amy took pictures of all of it !!

We had front page exposure in the our little local paper and a lady who read our article is going to donate 50.00 and another Annis has already been down here to help me here!

The big shed will need to be moved again , hopefully this week-end and then fencing around it. The crane could only go in so far with my power lines right there. A ton of work , i pray for a good turn out this week-end and good weather.

Shelly who orchestrated all of this has been back with her son and came with a case full of apples and a cheque to sponsor Comet. Can it get any better??? The garage sale has been one of great fortune for the pigs and I this time!

Stephanie is a 16 year old volunteer and after we all did piggy paddock clean up called her family to come and help take down the shelving in the shed and a steel security door yesterday. Way to go Steph!!! So that project is done !

I will have to get a load of hay in for the pigs and horses both for feed and bedding this week while the weather holds out. All the pigs need hay added to there houses . Do some measuring and see what i need in wire fencing material, a gate kit and measure the large opening in the new area for the purchase of a large farm gate. We still need access in there to remove all these sheds when i sell or for brush removal ect.

Once the new kids are settled then i must bring in a few units of bark mulch , dress the gates with new flowers and get this place looking pretty again now that winter is behind us.

Pigs need hoof work and Don must get neutered and then i better get back in the working world again!!

I am starving now, tonight i eat before they do and that doesn't happen that often!


Jean said...

Scotch and Soda and family will be "downsizing" just like I will - from a dilapitated but larger space to a beautiful more compact space!!! They are such lucky pigs to be the recipients of Andrew's, Shelly's, and Superior Moving's kind hearts - a HUGE thankyou to some great community members.
(And a HUGE thank you to you, Janice, for piggy-sitting while I took care of business on the island).

Janice Gillett said...

I know I told them when i was there that they are not going to have the luxery of having a potty corner in the barn. I am sure they won't be impressed with that!!!
But i am keeping the red shed right beside the big one so they will have an option of sleeping quarters. I bet your Scotch and a few of his sons will choose it.
I will also bring a wack of plastic bags Jean on moving day so we can gather there blankets and as much of there straw as we can to give them a feeling of comfort and recognised smells for there transition.
Okay i better get out there!!

Jean said...

Ha ha - no, Ms Soda won't like having to go out in the rain and snow to do her business, that's for sure! But she will adjust, as will all the others.
I'll try to remember to sleep in an old teeshirt for a couple of nights so we can send that along with them too, for a familiar human scent.
Are you practicing singing "You are my Sunshine"? It's Scotch's favourite and he LOOOOOOVES to be sung to! LOL

Janice Gillett said...

That song holds a special place in my heart too jean, so yes i know it!