Friday, April 10, 2009

Life in Sanctaury

It took all week really to get this place organized again after a two day sale. Loads went to the Hospital Thrift Store and a load went on to the curb offering freebies to passersby. Cardboard boxes all broken down and flattened ready to go recycles filled half of the box of my pick up. Putting away tables and plywood used to make more and then loaded everything else around here that needed to go to the dump.

Carport Penny came out for a afternoon stroll so i stopped everything and ran for the tape measure and a good carpet cutter. Measuring Tortilla's floor of his house first and then Penny could have the bulk of the left over. It was a perfect size roll so i dragged all of Penny's bedding out , rolled up the foam and carpet and heaved it into the truck. I washed the thick rubber mat between that and the cement floor of the carport too as Little miss wets her bed on occasion. So a layer of carpet, layer of plastic and then another throw carpet we also grabbed from the estate sale. Hoping the plastic will save the main piece and i will only have to toss the throw. Then a nice thick sleeping bag and by the time i was finished Penny came over to inspect my work and fell into a very cozy bed. The weather was nice that day but i covered her with a baby blue blanket and tucked her in and she responded in her delight with soft gentle oofs. A little shift as she settles her self and a kiss seals the job.

We have an offer threw Shelly who works at the Black Sheep Pup for a shed sitting behind the old pub. Its only at most two blocks away, the trick now is getting it here. We have an offer from Superior Home movers to move it so i hope this is going to happen fast. This shed is one of two homes we will set up for the herd coming in that Jean has been taking care of for me.

My foster Mom is going to the island for four nights to check on her new home and we had hoped to have this all buttoned down before then. With another day going by and Jeans travel plans approaching this coming Monday it looks like I will be doing sleep overs in Mission until she returns. I need to be there to look after my pigs as without the presence of her four dogs and wildlife ever present I will not risk them to coyotes digging under or jumping over fences once there threat( the dogs) has been removed.

Ummm Jean has a cell phone so that means no phone.. she has a lap top so that means no computer and how many channels do you get??? lol

I haven't quite figured out my routine here yet as Mom offered to sleep over here and of course no way can she feed them all at 86 years old. So as far as here goes, breakfast will be served late when i get back here and dinner early so i can get back to Mission.

By next morning the stuff on the street was picked threw sort of and the thought of loading all of that into the truck was sickening but it had to be done too. More card board to flatten and i remembered to pull down my yard sale signs in the neighborhood on the way to the dump as well.

This morning i started with good intentions around here but i got to tell you i am really stiff and sore from this past week! My sister came over switching her day as she will be busy tomorrow and cleaned up around the barn all morning. I started on the farm pigs pens and then hung up one of those hose hangers at there side of the house and replaced the crappy hose we had there.

Visitors to the Sanctuary arrived at different times all day so the pigs were happy to see friends with buckets of cut up apples and carrots and then grapes by another. And by 3:30 my eyes were getting very very sleepy.

Saturday is volunteer work party day and with it being the long week-end i don't really expect a good turn out. I do hope to get the pens all cleaned and start marking out where the posts will go and measure up for gates for the new pen. And maybe just maybe the shed will get delivered, keep your fingers crossed !!

I have got to sell this place as we need way more room then we have now. Another pen takes more land away from the horses and precious grazing land will turn to dirt with the amount of pigs who also graze and root here.

Prayers please, as we need the universe to unfold for us now!

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Jean said...

It's starting to unfold, Janice - after all, that shed was a complete surprise and a gift!

I get 12 channels'll be able to catch up on your sleep!!! And if you are really bored and in need of company, Scotch and the piggies always appreciate having someone come join them in the stall and sing them lullabies!
Or you can start marking the stack of term papers on my desk........