Thursday, October 15, 2009


Its been a while since i could sit still long enough to up date my blog. I have been in a frantic state of mind complete with heart pounding. Yes the acreage sold and with a rent back for one month leaves me with a get out of dodge November 30th. My realtor Sue Galway of Coldwell has been awesome at picking me up and driving me from here to 2 hours away looking for my dream to become a reality.
Well thats not going to happen because there is very little on the market in way of acrages to be found, no one is there right mind would be moving large animals in winter so there simply isn't much to choose from.

I have gone from rural to farm land but I will not live next door to some animal factory as my life would be consumed by there torment and my need to go in one night and set them all free. This of course narrows down my search even more although one place i was pleasantly surprised to find out the 4 fat cows living next door were ten years old and the guys pets. However, it was in the flood plain and i am not going any where near where i have to worry about flooding again.

I have found dream places that would work for the pigs and I but no pasture for my horses. I will not put my horses in some crappy paddock when they have lived in a home where there is room to run and be who they are.

I will be putting an offer on a place today that is far too much money but gives me 19 checks out of 24 on my must have list. It does however have a beautful suite complete with your own entrance to rent to help me out with my mortgage.

Wish me luck!!!!!!!


Colleen said...

BEST of luck that you find the perfect place soon Janice!!

Fingers and paws crossed for you and your crew.

dirtyduck said...

GOODLUCK!!! big time! how nervewracking, i will be thinking of you and all your little charges

sobe said...

I have everything crossed for you!

Sue and Piggies said...

Good luck Janice your all in my prayers - Sue/Piggies x

sobe said...

did the offer go through Janice? Do you have your new place?