Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hearts On Noses Needs Rescuing

The fundraiser on Friday night brought nine of us including my sister and my mother besides the regular patrons who were there for the weekly Friday night meal served at the Legion. Thank you for coming Mom, Nancy, Tracy, Deb, Jim, Diana, Craig, and Erin.

Thank you so much too Trena who worked so hard for us and her girlfreind whose name has slipped my mind. Your both awesome!! To Wylie and The Other Guy band who were a hoot and kept us entertained and the The Abbotsford Legion who hosted our event.

The guy at the table next to me told me he used to have a pot bellied pig. He got killed by the train so they roasted him, he tasted good.

The old guy who passed me outside from the smoke section told me " pigs belong on plates as pork chops" ..

I stood in front of the crowd knowing i was in the middle of an agriculture based area in font of people who could of cared less who I was or what i did and gave a short spiel of why i do what i do.

There were beautiful items on the silent auction table and just about every one in the place got an excellent door prize.

The band was too funny and really good, and sang songs with piggy in them. Instead of check check he said pig pig over the microphone. . lol

I danced with some old drunk , got a good meal and had an excellent time. We made about 400.00 which is better then our two day open houses garage sales. I also came home with an original painting by Diana Durand!!!!!!!!

People reading this might think oh my that is terrible but this is a simple example of my reality and what i face every day rescuing pigs here in Canada.

Now will every one please say a prayer i find a place to buy and that me and my pigs will be welcome there. I have made another offer that is not only in question of the zoning as pigs may not even be allowed on this acreage and then the tenant living in this house has put her heels in and will not give it up with out proper two months notice. I told them to up the anti as i am desperate now. Cold weather is nipping at my heels and this will screw up everything with sinking posts and getting ready once all the red tape is clear. As it stands now i may only get two weeks and frankly i haven't been able to hire a crew yet as i have no idea where i am going. This is NOT how i envisioned any of this going down.

I lay awake every night wondering where all my pigs will go if we don't find a place soon. No rental is going to allow me to come in with 40 pigs and the money to move houses/sheds and build pens will be money wasted on a temporary situation. Both CDART( Kelowna 4 hours away) and SAINTS ( mission 30 minutes) ) have offered to put me up in an emergency but again this will be a nightmare I don't want to walk into. I may have no choice if something doesn't work out right for us soon!!!!!! My animals scattered all over BC... please God help us.


Anonymous said...

It's all just so hard, isn't it?
Have you contacted the press? This could make the newspapers and you might get some help this way.
Can your city's Humane Society get involved?
There's no way you should be alone in this.

Hang in there. My prayers are with you.

Janice Gillett said...

Yes , we have been chosen to help those that the world cannot see.
But we have been Blessed in that we do!
Oh we went on a letter writing to all the major news three weeks ago and we didn't get any interest.
I should send you the lovely letter i got from the Vancouver Humane Society.. apparnetly I am doing it all wrong as she felt it necessary to educate me on how i am to run this charity. Here they are fighting for change for farm animals while I bring them home. She needs to spend a week in my faux moccasins. I had hoped they would run a story in there glossy newsletter but her perch was so high she didn't hear me.

The SPCA doesn't have a program that will grant funds to other rescues.


I am hoping and praying hard Janice for you all, that thing will be ok, I think of you guys everyday - hugs Sue/PiggiesX

Katie's Place said...

Janice, I know this isnt ideal but we have unused fenced (chain link) yards at Katie's Place. Is chain link strong enough to contain the PB pigs? If so, some pigs are welcome to hang out with us if that would help at all. I can committ that we will care for them as well (after a lesson from you) so you dont have to go from place to place.

We can obviously care for your cats and Guinea Pig if that helps at all.

Anonymous said...

From Persephone to me and on to you:
- just read your post on Hearts on Noses. God, I don't know what to suggest. I'd ask CETFA but they just turned down the exact same emergency funding request for RASTA and they've taken in animals we've actually rescued so chances of them coughing up even a dime for Janice is nil. The only thing I can think of would be to approach the big sanctuaries in the US - Farm Sanctuary, Animal Acres, Best Friends etc. They all have huge budgets and people hired that specifically do fundraising. Maybe they'd have some ideas even if they won't give?

It seems all our farm sanctuaries are barely making it. It's terrible!

Anonymous said...

Janice, I'm sorry you had to endure those rude comments from the Legion patrons. But I'm glad you had a good time and came home with some much needed cash. You mentioned someone named Diana came to the fundraiser. I have to ask, her last name isn't Vas is it? My Mom, who I am estranged from, lives near you in Maple Ridge, and back when we were still communicating, I told her about you and said she should look you up. I know it's a long shot, but just thought I'd ask..