Sunday, October 4, 2009

Comet Gets Presents

There is nothing better then getting presents in the mail. Wrapped in pretty pink paisley, in fact the card was wrapped the same way. Oh no these were not for me but for Comet who is sponsored by June who lives in Ontario. A few weeks of Comet being chosen for June i received one of those little cards you get when some one has a baby. This baby boy announcement went out to all of her friends. So in return i carefully saved some of Comets summer shed bristles and carefully tied them in a blue bow and sent them off in the mail.

The gifts arrived a few weeks ago but i had to wait for a sunny day so i could take pictures of this big event. Inside there was a pigs choice menu filled with peanuts and raisins, all the way from Ontario.

I would of let Comet open them himself but i have watched him take off down pasture with a bag of my cookies and another time ripped from visitors hands a bag of apples. His method is grab and flight. So in order to capture the moment he waited like a good pig until i could get his treats out.


Jean said...

What a lucky boy! Now, are you teaching him to write his own thankyou notes? A muddy trotter print on a piece of construction paper makes a good start, if Comet doesn't eat the paper first. Or he could just phone and oink his thanks - but probably then he'll be wanting his own cell phone so he can call June anytime. LOL

Between RobRoy and Comet, there is a never-ending source of entertainment at the sanctuary. Those two could form a comedy team.

Janice Gillett said...

Thats a good idea Jean, I have some kids paint here!!