Friday, October 16, 2009

Dixie Chick leaves us..

Dixie Chick and Dylan arrived only two years ago. They had been wandering the neighborhood of Surrey trying to fend for themselves with winter fast approaching. The SPCA gathered them up and then contacted me about these two friends asking if I had room for two more.

Dixie arrived and it was obvious something wasn’t right as she sort of scooted with her back arched that could have been caused by an injury but my gut feeling was that it was sort of degeneration of the spine. The vet we brought her too did not x-ray her as per my booked appointment, he decided to send her home with injections and supplements . I was at work when my best volunteer took her there and my anger didn’t change the out come .

The only time Dixie wanted to go and explore the acreage was when she was in heat. And no matter how many times I opened the gate just for them so they could have the whole run of the place without worry of the others she never took me up on going out.

She looked so much like my Princess Erma they could be sisters , she even ate like a lady and I told her she must be royalty too.

The supplements were routinely fed and when that didn’t change anything I moved to something new , and then something else and two weeks ago I added more pain treatments. The worry of winter coming and her quality of life questioned daily I tried to be encouraged with a move as I would separate her from her friend and bring her into the house.

Last night I went out to feed and she wasn’t outside to greet me like she always did. I lifted the flap to check on her and her eyes looked blue glazed over, maybe she was much older then I had suspected. Pretty pigs age pretty too. She refused her food and then her apple .

When I went back out with antibiotics I had a feeling of guilt forcing this into her because in my heart I knew she was letting go and letting me know. I gave them to her anyways.. I emailed my vet early before I even went out this morning as I knew what I must do for this little girl.

It is pouring rain here and I went right to them this morning and Dylan laying right up to her , his friend was gone. My Lady Dixie Chick did it all by herself.

No more pain Dixie, no snow to worry about and no move. She lived and died loved here and that is the way she wanted it.

Noted to add that Forever In Peace Pet Cremation Services, 2-33149 London Avenue, Mission, British Columbia, Canada V2V 4P9, 1-800-934-3418, (handles horses) picked her up and will return with her ashes on Monday. She will be coming with me , my way.


Tara said...

Oh Janice, I am so sorry to hear about Dixie Chick. Big hugs to you.

Epicurvegan said...

Janice: I'm so sorry she's gone. My love and thoughts are with you, Dylan, and the others. Thank you so much for being there for her and giving her a safe place full of love.

dirtyduck said...

sending love your way asap. like nicole said, thank you so much for taking care of those little pigs, you are pretty amazing

Colleen said...

So very sorry for your pain Janice. Hugs to you.