Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Soooooooooooooooo my offer has been accepted! The tenant has been appeased with two monthes rent and moving expences . The Septic checked out okay today and the house inspection is Thursday morning. Water from the well is where ever it has to go and we will know by Friday if everyone can drink it. The morgage in place awaiting the fianlization and we are good to go. Packing has commenced thansk to my Mom and my sister who is really into this lol. Thank heavens as i walked from cupboard to cupbard muttering "i don't like this job"...

While we are at the new place today awaiting the septic guy my sister and i walked from space to space trying to figure out where pens should be built. Some how it was way easeir here adding one at a time as pigs needed a home. But this is a blank slate and the company i hired to come out to estimate how much all this is going to cost will hopefully be there on Thursday with some good ideas.

I also hope he is willing to work with a chairty who might magiclly get an offering of 2x 6's or rolls and rolls of stucco wire. Highley unlikley, but again i have hopes and dreams. Threw this entire process i ahve been so griped with fear racing from place to palce to buy i haven't had time to get materials donated somehow.

Carport Penny is in trouble as is Mouse and the two combined will spend 5000.00 trying to help them survive. Anything surgical is 2500.00 when a standard nueter is 500.00.

We really need some fundraisers right now , even like the one we had the other night, gosh if we could have a few of those right now!! Bottle drives anyone??

I had an offer of a hi hab truck to move houses , i pray they are still willing and able. We will need at least 5sheds built prior to the move to ahve in place as well.

Keep the prayers and postive thoughts coming freinds!!


Dayna said...

Oh no, what is wrong with Penny and Mouse?

sobe said...
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