Friday, August 28, 2009

Spoiled Pigs

This week has been a flurry of help thanks to Community services. And along the way the pigs and I have made a few new friends. ( Yes June that is Comet) Friday night and all the piggy paddocks are raked clean and fresh waters to slurp down a tasty dinner.

Once in a while we get a box of apples here and there but this summer we are doing really well. A friend in Port Coquitlam has been here twice loaded down with cases of zucchini from her markets garden. And a few fresh picked bags of apples and pears too. And a team leader for the Brownies has been emailing her friends. She has been out harvesting there fruit trees and pitting the plums so there ready for the pigs. Buckets and buckets of juicy yellow and purple plums ," yum yum " and "slurp slurp" is exactly what the pigs said. Last night a friend and a neighbour brought me a huge bag of left overs from a get together. So the big pigs had roasted mini potatoes in a nice light garlic sauce for breakfast and Roses tail wagged so fast!!

Foster Mom Jean now moved to the island but still helps us all when she can. This time it was all the work involved when applying for a much needed grant. So in her plan for a two night stay on the mainland we were her first stop to work on that. But first it was a quick treat of donut holes to her babies and then i unloaded 300 lbs of fresh picked apples from her truck.

On Monday my realtor and i are going shopping as i have found the courage to move on. If i find something that will work for all of us here i will put in an offer and that will give me what i need to let go of this land. The beauty of what i have built here, the majestic tree's and all my birds i have fed. All my friends who are part of the the earth now.. but for the animals here and who need us out there I must move ahead.

Tonight a friend stopped in on the way camping as the site up the mountain was all filled up. They were going to turn around , leave the camper here and try again in the morning. I'm like no way keep on driving there are other campsites ahead. Any how as she called home after making reservations an hour drives from here at a better spot she was giving her Mom the update and further directions for the care of her pig at home. And then i heard her say "oh well Janice's pigs are all spoiled" and funny thing is that remark only concerned me for the type of care her only one pig got. When do i ever turn this job off?? Gadssssssss its a joke Janice!! Isn't


Jean said...

Spoiled? Your piggies? Naaaaahhhhh!!!!! LOL

It was great to see you and the piggies again, Janice, and to have somewhere to dispose of all those apples ('cuz I sure am NOT peeling and coring and cooking that many, and I can't stand to see them wasted!). Good luck on the property search and on finding a buyer for your place - may everything work out to the benefit of piggies and people.

Janice Gillett said...

Your kids are racing around here today!! Swimming in the mud wallow out front , udner the bird feeder rooting for seed and racing with a BWOOF in the back pasture!!