Saturday, August 29, 2009

Racing Babies & Petting Zoos.

Here are a few pictures of baby Rose not too many days after bringing her home no doubt after her big escape. Her broken leg fused at 9 weeks old she msut of dragged her little self around and on a hip smashed to pieces. And my big girl now..

Last week I received an email including a plea to take in a couple baby farm pigs forced into the entertainment world in Vancouver before they are butchered. Baby animals at the petting zoo soon to be auctioned off. And other peoples pets picked up for a dime and then sold before winter to relive the costs of feeding them. And of course they wouldn't be the cute little babies human nature loves to see by next year they would be adults and why bother when there will be more babies born into the life only to die horrifically after being torn from there family for a dime for entertainment next year.

I cringe at the ads on the radio station and change the channel when i see the racing ducks and racing pigs on TV. And by not going every year and paying the price of admission I boycott these fairs, its all I can do.

While these animals are racing for breakfast looking as cute as can be I wonder how many people even think about what happens to them after?

The girls wanted to save one or two or even a handful of chickens from the auctioneer and wanted to know if i would take some of the pigs here. But cute little farm pigs grow up to be big pigs and I simply don't have enough support here right now , or the room.

So i invited them out to see the pigs here and to heal them from the ordeal they just went threw trying to do the right thing.

This morning Joe and Andrew replaced the front section of Comets fence and it looks really nice and gives him a little more room. Justin, Jamie, Carolyne did the rounds of tidying up the piggy paddocks and fresh waters too. Valerie who dropped off her son visited for the first time and the garden our front got tended too, some of the bush was cut back in the front pasture and the wood neatly stack out back again.

It was an absolutely fantastic day , as we were able to visit while so much got done . Every body was racing around here handing out treats and making sure no one got left out. The horses got groomed by my new Vancouver friends Natalie and Sam. And Carolyn gave out belly rubs at every opportunity.


dirtyduck said...

i remeber a couple years ago trying to save everything. im sorry for YOU to for having to tell them no. your heart must have broke. i hope that the girls were ok. my neighbor, a girl about 11 was telling me about these pig rces that they went to, and how they could have bought one to take home. she and her fam are the typical, "oh its so cute! we will just get rid of it later and do the same thing with some other animal next time we want something to do." if im going to bring an animal into our home i actually prefer an adult. i hate HATE how ppl like only cute baby animals. you really got me on this one!! adult animals are wonderful, they are also more helpless in more ways than a baby. they are past their prime.... grrrr i dont think so!!

Janice Gillett said...

I wrote letters one year and in fact asked the millionarie who owns this park to buy those pigs and support them here. The radio station got a letter too but i never got a reply frome either one of them.
Pretty hard to gain commpassion from the public regarding pig/duck racing when the park is right along side of the horse races. And don't get me started on that!!