Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Super Wee's

Finally it rained and rained and rained!

And with the rain the pigs stayed snug in there beds after breakfast and I took this as a day off from working outside. And it felt good to say i am going to stay in the house today until i realized the day was gone and it was time to feed the kids dinner again.

The day was spent doing nothing but returning calls and emails. Some of which i had been saving from Feb to reply. I thought i would spend the day in the house getting caught up on paper work and putting things back in order from the fair fundraiser but i never did get into my office.

This morning i needed to deal with the carport such as putting the other tent some where until required , finding a place for some wagons i got and tending to Carport Penny. Who by the way kept me company all morning although it might of been the bread delivery that got her up and atom.

Tortilla my vintage guy was cruising around the back yard so how i normally run the herds changed today. So Penny kept me company while i stacked, moved stuff and then swept .

I was out there for a few hours and the entire time i listened to the pathetic high pitched wee's of a few certain babies out front. My calling out to then to knock it off, that doesn't work with me and you guys were the last herd out before it rained fell on deaf stubborn spoiled brat ears. Ladies and Gentlemen lets have a nice round of applause for The Super Wee's!!!!!!!

I went up to the store early this morning and thought stop at the mail
box. I never go on Mondays as there never seems to be any mail
so why bother going on a Tuesday so early. But try as I do to not go against my gut instinct I went up there. Grabbed my mail and then went to lock the door on the community box and the whole door swung open. Every one's mail including mine could of been stolen and when i arrived home I called the post office right away. But i was tempted to load every one's mail in my truck for safe keeping but thought with my luck a cop will drive by and anyhow Thank goodness I went!!!

When a mail box does get broken into there is no way for the charity to know what was taken. It could of been a cheque and unless the person checks his account he might think i was not grateful as they would never get a receipt or a thank you card . Gift cards and coupons never acknowledged because we never knew.. .

I sent this picture to Jean this morning of Soda in the living room for the very first time. Jean commented on how trim our Soda is from running the acreage here now. I really laughed when jean wrote again to share an email she had got. Here it is for you to read too.

From: Soda

Sent: August 11, 2009 10:07 AM
To: Foster Mom
Subject: Foster Mama, Help!!!!

I am bein' STARVED here. You shud see how skinny I is!! And I knows there is lots of food in the howse but the Piggy Lady won't let me live inside where I can helps myself. I just gets to visit there sumtimes.

Bring Apples. Bring marshmallows. Send Licorise. Donuts. cookies. Popcorn.


Luv Soda


dirtyduck said...

dear soda, it DOES sound like a desperate situation!you cant use your oinking voice? mine is very useful and really works! then i grunt in disapproval when i get such food as cabbage and carrot scrapings, who does she think she is dealing with?
your understanding friend, pink pig in az

dirtyduck said...

hi how are you! thank you for your very sweet words about lilly the duck. she is so sweet! love this blog so much, thanks for giving all these piggys a good home

Janice Gillett said...

I love you for loving your Lilly duck so much!!!!