Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pig Preserve


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sobe said...

hey Janice,
I finally had a bit of time to sit down and watch this video. What a wonderful place! I'm trying to find part two of the pig preserve so I can watch that too and bookmarked their website.
thanks so much for sharing this, is this your ultimate dream as well? A ton of land and being able to let them roam?

Janice Gillett said...

Yes there is nothing that brings me more pleasure is seeing my pigs dash threw the pasture or simply grazing .

In the last 16 years of living with pigs and doing rescue work i absolutly must continue the work here as on a whole the pigs belong with some one like me .

For the most even those who have them the pigs are not understood or getting what they need.

Of course i know many fantastic pig families but that is rare and they are not doing rescue or supporting the need.

Canadians need to start looking in there own back yard and support those of us who are trying to do what the USA is able too.

The State of Mexico has as many people in it as the entire country of Canada. Every sanctuary down there is building , expending and moving to bigger properties. They have tons of resources to pull from regarding animal welfare such as grants and special pet food funding and we have a handful in comparison. There what 52 states down there and every one of them has a university with veterinarians willing and able to work on pigs and we have two right across Canada who don't .

There is a huge need for our own 'Farm Sanctuary" right here and a handful of us trying to do this with minimal support.

Beside me there is only one other crusade here for farm animals in all of B.C.

Sorry for going on with my reply but I have got to get more help here.

Janice Gillett said...

I would/should add I do have support here from some AWESOME people a few who do have pigs and help any ways they can and go way out of there way to help me here.

Sometimes i get carried away with my rants and i would never want to think i ahve offended someone here.