Saturday, August 8, 2009

Please let it rain!!!

The heat wave was brutal on everyone!! Including the horses , the cats , the guinea, the pigs, the dog and me! I even had a guinea pig pool for Sundance. Carolyn, my new bunny loving friend tells me she will freeze a water bottle and then wrap it in a light towel for her bunnies to lay next to for cooling off. I will have to try this for Sundance, although he did like stepping in his big dish!!

The heat was really hard on our Penny and it really caused her some pain to move around in it. She would only come out of her house a few steps even though i ran a fan on her all day. Now that it has cooled off when i looked at her tonight she is looking even better then ever! With her one ear cocked strait up as i looked at her and commented at how much more room there is between her and the ground well the thought that entered my mind was "yes it is more airy". LOL Not too sure if that came from Penny or not as its not exactly how i would have described the visible weight loss. And after a big bowl of watered down grape fruit juice she waddled back down the carpets to her bed.

We also have three more pigs sponsored!! Carport Penny chosen by Sherry and then Gem is also loved by Judy. Comet was chosen for a senior who has been writing me from Ontario thanks to Wendy our bakery finds collector. June is as quick as lightening and her emails are a hoot to read. And Tara or known by us Blog readers as Snowy Vegan is supporting us too ,she works at the SPCA in Alaska, what an awesome gal!

Two weeks ago I had been surfing the Craig lists for a tent to cover our tables for the fair. A stroke of kindness from the sellers offered them to us for free and then Howard, Gayle and Fanny not only picked them up and delivered them but spent some time here putting one up for me so i would know how to do it. How cool is that and look at our mud wallowing Rose admiring there Fanny! I kept Buddy in the house so he didn't bother this vintage gal.

I have had visitors every other day it seems here and the new BlueBerry local Magazine has been no doubt a part of that. The two page spread was awesome and there offer to publish free the names and logos of any one who sponsors a pig in there next edition was more then generous! You would love the owner of this Maple Ridge book , she is a doll with her English accent and all.

Tracy has been here five days in a row and we spent every day emptying out piggy houses of heavy dusty straw so we could inspect floors, do repairs as necessary and then add new fresh hay. Some of these sheds can hold 4-5 bales of straw needed to keep the pigs warm and cozy during winter months and at approx 70 lbs a bale it is not any lighter when broken down . We placed a tarp in front of the doorways and then pitch forked, raked, swept and then dragged the loaded tarps almost a block away to the manure pile. Both of us were stiff and sore today.

I also got to use one of the nice little skill saws donated a few weeks ago to do some repairs to Georges floor. It also upset me when i crawled into his house to feel the slope the house was sitting in now. I don't know if any of you have ever laid down on uneven ground pitching on a slope and felt what effect is has on your body . You start to feel the same pressure as one would feel when doing head stands , not healthy by any means over a period of time. Sure the bulk of the straw would take up some of that edge off and the pigs do fix there bedding however not healthy by any means. I grabbed a crow bar and kicked under a couple of 2x4's and crawled back in and it felt so much better. I am sure George notices it too and grateful for me just about killing myself trying to do that by myself LOL It is amazing what you can do when your heart is in it.

I have taken some time in between the work here to try and get some good pictures and if you look into the eyes of the picture of Don Juan you will see what i feel.

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Anonymous said...

Love the pics and the entry.
Sorry about the heat wave! and the forest fires in your lovely province.

Janice Gillett said...

The fires are aweful, we are following reports from both CDART and Noahs Wish. It is so awesome we have people giving up so much of themselves to go help the people and the animals there.

I saw on the news tonight that help from as far as New Zealand are coming to help fight our fires.

lesley said...

sorry i dont leave comments, i mean to and then get sidetracked but I love reading about you and your pigwigs.
Its strange, there are you worried about the heat and the effect on the animals and here am I worried about the cold and rain for the same reason!
Hope the fair went well, the rain here nearly destroyed our open day. We have had no summer at all in the Uk and where this shelter is situated in the hills of Snowdonia, we have even worse weather than most places.
Heaven help the poor animals caught up in those forest fires, its too heatbreaking to dwell on isnt it.
Lots of love to you,
Lesley.Freshfields animal rescue