Saturday, May 29, 2010


The long week-end was really quiet except for two families who visited here. I had started the pen work on Friday so when no one came to help Saturday morning at least I had a jump on it. I worked every day for about 5 hours raking , pushing wheel barrows and then doing fresh waters for every one. Its really all the physical labor I can manage and normally come in around 2: 30 eat, shower and take a couple of hours before I go out and feed dinner to everyone. It takesme four days to do the pen work by myself.

Penny is having trouble again and watching her strain is heart breaking. Every day sometimes twice a day I try and help her before I get cleaned up and then again just before I go to bed. By Thursday night she welcomed my assistance and laid there while I cleaned her out. A new diet , I keep trying and have seen positive results for my sweet kissy girl.

Tuesday morning the guys would return from B.C. Corrections I left here at 7:30 to head into town to buy another roll of fencing and a load of 2x 4’s so they could continue there work here. The perimeter fencing is almost done now and the animals will be safe from getting out and into trouble. So I was back by 9 and I pretty well spent the morning following the crew around , getting extension cords out , finding hardware to use back and forth from one end to the other side of the pasture . And then putting them all away when they leave. Other then that I took the day pretty easy and considered this my day off.

Wednesday after the crew left I went to town to get feed , another roll of wire , the food for me and it was 4 when I got home. It took about an hour to get everything put away . Cleaning up the feed room as I unloaded and getting the wire off my truck and then putting the groceries away. Had something to eat a break and back out for dinners for the kids.

Thursday the guys weren’t coming but it wasn’t raining so off to Pitt Meadows I went to pick up a load of bedding for the pigs . I got home and added hay to all the pigs houses , put the rest of it away and I was done by 1 but tired as moving hay is heavy work again and pushing it one bale a time by wheel barrow to each house . Once you get in the sheds you pull it apart to fluff it up and see how much more required if needed.

Friday the guys are back and I am in the house at just before 2.00 after putting all my tools , nails ect away. I am going to eat and do nothing more until dinner for the kids. I didn’t want to do anything too heavy today so I am in good form for tomorrow mornings piggy clean up.

Two weeks has gone by with no one helping with the animals care here , i really need to find some loyal animal lovers who want to help me do this before i go back to work full time.

There has been no fundraisers since December by Karmavore and the relocation and setting everything up safe again has been costly and is on going. 100ft of wire fencing is 247.50 and i have purchased 4 rolls now , this price does not include the posts and 2 x 4s. I have spent and put everything i have into this from the property to the pen work ,now fencing and i still need outside lighting and tons of bark mulch.

During the pen work for Panda i have missing my Dads level, a battery charger, a drill, fencing hammer and several spades. During the work here for the fencing tools break and a tape measure, a shovel and a few rakes need to be replaced. I also bought two new wheel barrow tires at a cost of 45.00 each, 50ft hose to attach to the 100ft one so i can reach all the paddocks for waters.

Several of the sheds need work, new roofs , new floors , door work required and all of this will have me back at the lumber yard. And oh who is going to do the work, some one else i will need to hire who will rob me blind when i'm not looking??

Long and short of this post is to answer inquiring minds as to what i do here all day as i am not working at a full time job. When i do work i am not a carpenter or a farm worker and no way can i take anything that involves labor as i have to keep my physical strength for here. Working 4-5 hours a day at heavy work is all i can do and is only 60% of the job i do here.

I need help to do this , there has to be some one out there who can help me .

Saturday morning and its raining out , the work will be hard as mud/manure is heavy and difficult to push a wheel barrow threw. I know my sister is coming..

Edited to add my sister is the only help who arrived here so there is still two days of pen work to do.


sobe said...

I'd so be out there helping you but it's too far away for me. I'm wondering if that is a problem for others too.

Janice Gillett said...

Other Rescuers out here don't have such a big problem with volunteers but they are also rescuing animal more dear to the average persons heart. Cats and dogs...

Even if friends can commit to just one morning a month it would help!!