Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pro's and Con's

Burnaby Pathfinders returned to the Sanctuary Saturday morning and took care of the animals in so many ways. The girls took turns at chores like raking manure , scrubbing out water tubs , moving brush and even replaced a tire on one of the wheel barrows. I can't say enough about the girls and the team leaders here as they attack every project with a smile on there face and nothing is too much for them to handle. I see a bright future for these girls as the life skills they learn with this organization is clearly building a solid foundation for there tomorrows. Just before they must leave time is set aside to spend with the animals too. Treats and love shared with everyone and watching two little girls tossing treats over there backs to keep big Rose off of there's is an image that makes me smile and one i won't ever forget.

Community Service has sent me someone new and Nick tackled my wood pile and got almost all of it organized out front and that eye sore out of the way. Now everything is separated , easy to get too and i know what i have under that pile.

My sister was here and she did the barn and raked the pasture of manure! Then a surprise visit by both Carolyne our bunny girl, and Alex who arrived with her dog little dog Sophie. They finished up the last two piggy paddocks , thank goodness !! And what a treat it was to just sit around after and visit in the sun, and then take little Sophie for a walk around the acreage.

B.C. Corrections has a work program for low profile offenders and i have hired about ten guys and they have been down here every day since last Wednesday. They removed all the salmon berry brush that was climbing over the 8ft fence line on the acreage out back. Posts and wire needs to be replaced and we will reuse what we can. I also needed boards put down on the bottom of the entire fence line to keep snouties from rooting under and ending up at my neighbors for dinner. This will also bring safety to the animals here and not make it so easy for black bears to climb over. When you look out back you see the forest now and we have added some square footage too as the fence is being moved back about 40-50 ft in some places. This gives the pigs some natural habitat to explore and shade for my horses.

I do let out some of the pigs when the guys are here and of course Buddy and some of my more professional moochers set up camp around the cook as he prepares lunch for the crew. What they did in life to have them end up where they are is none of my business but i will tell you they are polite, respectful and mindful of me and the animals here. Sharing there lunch and left overs , petting pigs and horses is a common sight. And my dog Buddy is exhausted when they leave. ;o)

So this morning Mom has baked two large apple pies and she will arrive with her gift for our working crew this morning. A small diversion from prison life with a token of our appreciation , what could be better but a slice of Moms apple pie.

The pigs we placed are doing well in there new homes and have spoken to both families. Polly and Anna's Mom called worried because one of the pigs wouldn't eat dinner one night. The following morning that pig got up and headed out with new Mom tailing her. And that took her right to the shed where the chicken feed is kept and lead her to the bag she had got into the day before.

Daphne the over fed girl is learning all about love and trust at her new home as the fat has left her blind and deaf. Pretty scary for a pig to be moved some where new and not having sight to see where she landed. But her new family is proving to her she is safe now and she can root to her content if she wants too.

Lugar ( 3 legged Shepard) is still missing on the island and now another dog( boxer) is missing in Langley who needs medication.

Following these stories and the pet rabbit slaughter at the Victoria University and then watching the CBC footage taken at a Calgary horse slaughter plant is enough to make any one sick. If one of those horses or rabbits was in your back yard you would be facing Animal Cruelty charges. But animal production plants and government agencies are clearly above the law. A handful of us in this cesspool of sickness has me wondering if we will ever evolve into a compassionate society.

An up close shot of our cute Panda Man and new guy Sherman checking out where he has moved too.

We are grateful to all of you who have helped me create Sanctuary, where our residents are safe and surrounded by love here.


Anonymous said...

With people like you, we have elements of a compassionate world! And one day, those big meat industries will have cameras up everywhere, with animal rights people watching them.
Have fun with the pigs! D

dirtyduck said...

will this ever be a compassionate world? i hope so, janice, its rough seeing cruelty everyday and hearing about unthinkable things. thats great that a blind piggy found a good home, they sound like great people.the chicken feed story was really cute also!

Rattie said...

When I read about the terrible stories about animal cruelty in the media I become disgusted with humankind. But, then there are people like you who give me some glimmer of hope for humanity.

dirtyduck said...

hi there, jsut came by to say hi, i saw you on facebook but couldnt figure out how to friend you, im still new to it!