Sunday, May 2, 2010

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Leading up to Saturday our join up for volunteers wasn't looking too promising. In fact after 9;00 am that morning and looking out side with the rain coming down i feared no one was coming. I couldn't of been more wrong and surprised. Two new friends Clare and Jenn arrived with gloves and rubber boots and proceeded with doing all the dishes and doing waters. Kelly who is a long time piggy friend rounded up three friends and attacked the pasture, the barn and took out a fence that opened the acreage up even more. Mitch who is doing community hours is a a HUGE help and while i do one lane of the piggy paddocks he is doing all the rest. Alex and Sophie( pooch) arrive and even more gets done! By 1;00 we were all soaked, dirty, proud and happy!!

The pigs were spoiled with gifts of peanuts, raisins, grapes, carrots, apples , and celery. So they had breakfast, snacks and lunch!! lol

Meanwhile Marty was busy putting the finishing touches on Pandas paddock and our little fat man worked off some calories pacing and chewing on his new digs. Just so you all know one pigs paddock cost the Sanctuary over $2000.00. His impeding neuter will be another 600.00. Thank goodness Marty got the shed Panda called home since he arrived renovated and moved or that would of been another added expense.

Jane a new friend and teacher arrived with a BIG surprise a few weeks ago. With Tory starting his journey to Heaven i am only now catching up. Thankfully Panda has been sponsored by her Div 3 class at Harry Sayers Elementary School who put on an Easter egg( plastic eggs) hunt to benefit Elizabeth's Wildlife Center and us! How cool is that and i am looking forward to there visit here in the near future!

Alex and I came in the house and looked up some remedies for her pooch and alone at 4 i finally did three nights of dishes. Cheryl arrived 20 minutes into them with a case of vegan dog biscuits for Buddy and the pigs. A visit lead her into helping me feed the pigs and by 8 i was alone and starving.

I love it when people ask me what i do with my time...every day i work for the pigs ..every minute of every day.

Two pigs left behind in Langley were rounded up by Karen who has two of our pigs and helps me with transport all the time. And our good fortune carry's on with receiving an email from someone wonderful in Kelowna who wants to adopt them. Deb of CritterCare and CDART did the home check for us and me thinks these two pigs will be traveling to there new home on Monday.

We are still searching for a home for a pig in Kamloops and every day I worry when two girly pigs, who are on borrowed time at a California Shelter. And Lugar a missing dog who you can read about on Jeans Blog " My Life with Critters" that you can find on blogs that i follow here.

I am having problems with my system and will try pictures later ...


tbsomeday said...

wow! what a busy day and how AMAZING that you have such good-hearted people to come out and help you care for the pigs!
it warms my heart when i read about the nice things people do

i will say a little prayer that the two pigs are off on their way home by tomorrow, that the missing dog is found and that the california situation has a happy ending soon!!

Janice Gillett said...

A very busy day , it was awesome!! Everybody was smiling even though they were all wet and dirty. Pigs had a blast!!

Thank you for your prayers .. they need them!!