Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Three Pigs

Over a month ago a gal contacted me who had just moved into a rental property in Langley. Two pigs had been left behind and in a matter of weeks her call regarding care went to i might keep them to i have to get rid of them. I assured her i would take care of them to just give me some time to try and find them a home. Her life also fell apart as did her marriage and the pigs were abandoned once again. Enter Karen who adopted two of our pigs a few years ago jumps to my emergencies for transport agreed to foster them for a confident two weeks max. Just how many pigs can i take care of by myself during the week, i have 40 here now? Miracles do happen and an email came in from our out reach and networking, these two pigs were wanted by a family outside of Kelowna. Home check and vet references aced , Karen transported the kids on monday to there forever home. These two girls have some pretty nice artwork in there heated house complete with automatic water stations and hay nesting materials.

About two months ago a family contacted me from Kamloops. They had a 4 year old female house pig who was tying them down. They could never go any where because of there pig. Not only was this pig over fed she was massive thanks to the hog grower she was fed. Fat blind and huge i didn't think i would ever find her a home and wondered where i would put her here. Its hard enough to find good homes for pot bellied pigs here never mind a huge one. Her one and only picture supplied by her family is one of a fat depressed pig. Awwwww but the wonders of technology and face book i posted that picture and met many new pig friends. Daphene arrived with her frying pan for a dinner dish and her blankets to her new forever home in Sorrento on Monday. This fat blind cranky pig wasn't allowed on the grass at her old place and she doesn't know it yet but she has been transported to paradise. There she goes with her little step brother in pursuit on grass like any pig needs.


tbsomeday said...

good news!!
it seems when desperation hits in rescue, somehow something wonderful happens

you have 40 pigs!!!!!!!!
oh my oh my!

Rattie said...

Happy Endings are always great to read!