Friday, March 12, 2010

Pigs Of Course

Well our newsletters are out and anyone who would like to get one please drop me a line!!

My focus for the newsletter is of course to bring all of our friends up to date and even though there are five pages it is never enough room to cover everything. That is because i normally can't fit in the time to do more then one a year when working full time and would actually have to take time off of work to do them. With help from both Dayna and Jean writing for us and Dayna getting them printed for me is a huge help. So we are going to try and aim for twice a year this go around. Please if anyone has some suggestions or input for our next one bring it on!!

The newsletter is also our one and only steady form of advertising the Sanctuary covering everything from our dreams to our basic needs. We still have many pigs who need sponsors to defray our produce costs every month. Right now we are feeding approximately 70 lbs of produce a day. While you shop next time look at the cost of the produce your buying and you'll understand some of the expense of running a farm animal sanctuary here in B.C.

And if you have a fruit or nut bearing tree gather the goodies up , email your friends ask them about there over flow in there gardens and if you have room plant some seeds . Round it up and surprise the caretaker with goodies for the animals so they can save there money for on going veterinarian needs.

I would also really love to plant some fruit and nut trees here so if you have any connections let me know!

Its pouring rain out there today and its been a wild week from t-shirt weather to snow! What a tease with all that warm weather we had and things were starting to dry up.. now more mud again.

When Mouse moved in here i fixed her a spot by the patio door in the great room which is where my office is. Although there is a TV in here i find myself in the front room of this house in the evenings as it feels more cozy. The pictures of Mouse suggests she feels the same way, although the sound clip of her is probably more explanatory. The front room is also just off the kitchen.

What surprises me most about Mouse is she was never a pig who came inside in all the years of living back at the old place. She was always rather timid and still is. But she drinks out of the dog dish with out tipping it over unlike my two regular house pigs do and she will lick a plate clean with out flipping it and sending it crashing once done. I wouldn't give Winnie or Casa a reg plate to eat off of and they have more house experience then Mouse ever did.

I also want to reach out to those of you who are still eating meat or using animal by products. I bet there are millions out here who are tossing around the vegan thing and know it is right and want to start but it is so easy to stay in a comfort zone and don't really know where to begin.

Start today and remove one animal from your plate. And of course lets start with piglets and keep Pork off your fork!!


addie said...

It's all black in the video and all you can hear is oink oink oink oink oink oink!
Too funny.

Jean said...

Ha ha - that soundtrack of Mouse is great! That was what I noticed most about her last time I visited - she is the most talkative piggy I've ever met. The Superwees might collectively be the noisiest (especially in the mornings), but Mouse definitely gets the prize for being the best conversationalist!

Black Jack's Carol said...

Love that soundtrack as well, Janice. I've been slow with comments, but am going to add you to my links at the side of the page. Should have done it a long time ago. Your posts have been especially fun to read lately. Thanks for keeping us up to date on life at Hearts on Noses.

Janice Gillett said...

Yea movies don't show up too good when your taking them in the house after dark. But i'm glad you got a kick out of hear her!

She was never so yacky before her operation!! She has a lot to say now!!

Anonymous said...

Four little words:

I want to live.

How poignant.
How Universal.
How true.


Anonymous said...

Janice, your place is looking great! In the one pic where the piggy is getting rubbed with the brush, I love that fencing and the house beyond that too.
I laughed when you said you were sure Rose was laughing at you, one of our young bigpigs, Doc, (Ducky) laughs all the time when he's being naughty. One time I was sitting on the ground and he came over and literally fell on me, squishing me. I was laughing and yelling DOC GET OFF, and he was just laughing up a storm! HeeHEEEEEEEhawHAAWWWWWWWWHEEEEEEEEEEE! He has the funniest whiny voice. Today he was putting his teeth on my boot, and I bent down near his face and said DUCKY-DON'T! and he just quietly went...heeHEEEEEEEEEE!Such goofballs, and most definitely have a sense of humour!

Janice Gillett said...

I love it too Tracey!!!

Thanks Sherry, aren't they brats!!! And for sure they laugh at us!!

I told Roscoe don't you tip my wheelbarrow and his tail did a big loopy wag.. later i was standing there after i had emptied it and he walked by and tipped it over . lol

Sherry can you tell where i had the fencer make low fences in between? It is so handy at feed times and when your doing waters. I can just step over instead of going in and out of gates. And the perimeter is high so there all still safe.

That cedar shed was donated,i got to fix the door way it is far too big.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I can see how the fence is lower in between. That's awesome, it looks so much more open and uncluttered. And it's great that you can just step over. Are you going to cut the posts down even with the fence? I don't like our fencing, it's either cattle panel or goat wire. It's open looking, but not as nice as wood.
Roscoe, that was naughty! :-)
L/J was scratching on the emoty wheelbarrow thus morning, it tipped and he ended up on his butt. It's so funny when they sit there for a second, kind of embarrassed!
Janice, who is that white piggy on your main page, just under the "about me" section? I'm sure I've seen him before!

Janice Gillett said...

With the posts still left that way it does look unfinished but i had them left in case situations change and i need to raise them. Also when i take pictures of the rain covers you will see how glad i am that i left them!!

The picture of the hand on the big pig? That is a picture i saved from years ago of Debilyn with Estersue. I just love it...and i did try and recreate it but they never had the same feel.

Rattie said...

Since my friend's pet pig and your blog I cannot eat pig (or chickens after visiting a poultry factory farm. Keep up the wonderful work!

dirtyduck said...

so cute i love that video! and that gentle push for veganism!!hooray! perfectly, non-threateningly done!!