Sunday, March 28, 2010

Burnaby Pathfinders Rock

A few weeks ago Sheri contacted me , a Team Leader for The Power Rangers they wanted to return to the sanctuary to help. We booked the day and 15 girls would arrive with three team leaders at about 11:00 am.

Nancy and Brent hit the pasture with wheelbarrows and manure forks and Jane and i got to feed everybody breakfast. Thanks to my Mom and Erin we had bags and bags of healthy greens to fill up every body's bowls. Then Jane tackled dishes and waters and Brent's Mom took on one section of piggy paddocks. I took on another row and thankfully Alex and Cesar arrived and they worked on the heaviest work in the bigger paddocks in the last section.

The Team arrived and Rose and Comet greeted the girls and were very excited at the gates as the aroma aroused the pigs keen senses. In each members hands gripped a bag of piggy goodies and also presented me with a wonderful donation.

We handed out a few treats but the girls were here to work we would spend more quality time with the pigs after. I recognized a few faces and a few of the girls were also looking for ones they remembered. I was deeply touched when two different girls asked where Barney was. I lost Barney in 2006 but what a testament to his existence here as his presence is remembered with delight and love by these girls too.

The work accomplished by these young adults is amazing and i walked around last night at least three times to take in their accomplishments over and over again. And they enjoyed themselves in doing it. I could hear chatter and laughter threw out the day.

I am sure they would tell you the best time for them was sharing there gifts with the animals here and the treats they were able to hand out to them. And the quiet time when pigs were soaking up the attention with gentle hands, love and quiet voices.

There are 25 pictures on my facebook page but here are a few of my favorites!


Jean said...

It's great to have an enthusiastic group of young women giving their time and energy to help the animals. My own family's involvement with Girl Guides (including Pathfinders) has shown me what a great job these groups do at exposing the kids to unique activities and teaching them to be good citizens.

dirtyduck said...

they looked like they were having fun, how nice that they brought so much! a good day. pigs are so happy with such small things, food and a belly rub....= happy piggy

Anonymous said...

Ah lovely!
Your blog keeps the happy side of things going.
Have you noticed that the pork producers are making the issue about students and not pigs in cages? how they're twisting it? how someone called me a hag?
But your blog cheers me up.
Peace to you and the piggies.

Janice Gillett said...

15 girls and everyone of them in rubber boots,got dirty and not one negative remark from any of them. Clearly a testament to this organization.

It sure doesn't take much my pig & duck loving friend.

Well now isn't that an easier target and there must be something wrong with us as we are bucking the system. Can't we be just be like passive gentle cows and move along to our death without a fight?

Thank God women fought there dominated existence, there are more of us determined and fighting for change.

Proud to be a Hag lets see how we can fix this.. H for Heroines Association for the Good. On a fly - maybe we can work on that LOL We can start a facebook page called HAGS . We can turn it right back on them. Proud to be a hag..

Anonymous said...

I love it!! Heroines Association for Good!

Jean said...

Hag is a great word for strong women, and one we should be proud to reclaim! Historically, it refered to the village wise woman, to women who were considered to have some supernatural and prophetic powers and were therefore both feared and respected, to women who were healers. It is in modern times that it became a derogatory word used to describe women who did not fit the culture's norms for feminine looks and behaviour.

I want a tee shirt that says "I'm a hag and proud of it!".

Janice Gillett said...

Thanks Jean and me too!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You guys are great!
How about a t-shirt that says, "I'm a Pig-Hag and Proud of it!"