Monday, March 22, 2010

Bits and Peices..

Another busy week has flown by with a little help from the guy i was buying a trailer from. I saw this 7ft x 12ft single axle trailer on Craig List for $500.00. I can't get my truck to where the hay storage is here so i got myself storage on wheels. If i ever get it insured and learn to pull it i could go buy my hay with it. Have them load it and bring it back home. No loading and unloading. I have to make things easier for me any way i can. And if i get something else built one day on this side of the barn , that i can unload during winter without getting stuck in the mud then this can be used for something else or sold again. Anyhow this guy messed up two days for me telling me he was coming with it and never showed up.

Then when he did show up it was full of crap and CLEARLY was used as a little grow op complete with insulation, plastic covering the walls, a vent and a mini breaker box. An afternoon wasted arguing with him while we both cleaned it up and coming to agreement that he would come back the next day to fix this thing and only then he would get the rest of his money. Surprised the heck out of me when he did return the next day with the materials to do it. lol

Lots of emails from people back and forth who want to visit the Sanctuary. I book all visits in the morning so please do not get my email that says that , then ask me if it is okay to come in the afternoon. My afternoons are much different from your afternoons. And don't get me wrong, I love anyone who wants to come and see the pigs and love on them and visit. But my time is allocated by the animals routine and the work to maintain this sanctuary. What is accomplished daily here doesn't happen by me blinking my eyes. I don't get to do what I want in a day so pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee don't ask.

Lots of pigs needing new homes right now. One in Kamloops breaks both of our hearts. She is a full figured house pig who is tying her family down. They don't want her any more. They want the freedom of the burden she is on them. They can't go anywhere because of her and after i say either can i they still ask if i can take her. These people are killing me... She will need someone special, who will dry the tears from her eyes and fill her heart with hope and all the love in the world.

Two abandoned in Langley and the new tenant wants them gone. Thankfully Lisa at SARS spread the word and asked around and someone gave us a really good lead. So we may have a really nice home for them and there two chickens.

But in preparation of them possibly arriving, i changed the lives of three of our pigs here. I spoke to each of them about pigs needing a home , just like what happened to them.

Some of these paddocks were designed with adjoining gates with pigs who get along well with each other. One or both pens have housing suitable for 4-5 pigs. I don't like to force pigs to join up and would rather they do it on there own. Jack of Hearts had his own HUGE pen along side of George and Pebbles. They also have the same size paddock and a brand new big house. Thursday morning i closed the gate and locked Jack out of his yard. By evening i sat here watching him. Little baby standing at the fence looking threw the boards at the house he couldn't get too. Pebbles and George had gone to bed and i watched Jack go over to the doorway and he pushed some of the spilt straw out front on the ground with his nose. No doubt he was thinking and checking if he could sleep there. Then he poked his head in there house , then he went in and came right out again. A minute later he tested it again and went in for the night.

The next day i told him he was a big boy now and thanked Pebbles and George for taking him under there wing and keeping him warm all night. The three of them are small pigs as far as pigs go and they look so darn cute standing in a row looking out at me. The Three Amigos..

Well i better go , Mouse has been in here twice to get me and Buddy is giving me the heavy sigh treatment a dog will do to get ones attention. lol Mouse gets several meals a day to get her weight up and well Buddy and I are hungry.

Oh and here are the rain covers Wayne built for the pigs here!!


dirtyduck said...

thats a really good idea about the trailor, glad that guy surprised you. i feel so sorry for that pig that needs a new home. pigs really do cry!. i remember you writing that awhile back. a few months ago i had to go out of town for a week and when i came back, little piggys eyes were all wet. they are so sensitive. ttyl Janice

Janice Gillett said...

Do ducks cry?

Sarah Lynn said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog! I'm stopping by to check yours out, I love pigs! :)