Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sunny Days..

Well I spent a grueling week after doing the straw and writing for the newsletter. Running out of ink, printing receipts and then getting an offer by Dayna to print our newsletters, RIGHT ON!!! A huge saving for the pigs never mind one major chore of running to Pitt Meadows twice to get them done. All the way from Alberta!!! And then Nancy and i spending four hours stuffing envelopes and Mom who picked up more stamps on the way out and then mailed them all. Done... whewwwwwwwwwww

Wayne who i had purchased two sheds from arrived with two big surprises. He framed two rain shelters that cover two piggy paddocks each. And he was very clever at how he built them and they way they fit in. I should of taken pictures will get on that tomorrow. We have an offer of tin for the roof and i can't decide if i want something clear or not. So the sun and light can shine threw... anyhow he even had poly cut to use in the mean time. VERY cool and they look really good too. Professional!!

Another fun day was a visit from friends with a big bag of hazelnuts. the pigs masterfully spit out the shell in a split second and chew the nut . It was pretty neat when we treated the Super Wee's , to hear all 12 pigs crunching at the same time. LOL

Mouse had me worried as she threw up two weeks in a row so her diet has been changed and 8 days now with out any problems. She is out every day all day if i let her.

High Speedy Penny is in the feed room before i can move , so different for the pig who lived in the carport who i would pull the blankets off, to get her up. She is fast!!

I watched Casanova spin and buck in his paddock again yesterday. So cute to see the adult pigs feel so happy that they do that. George was laying on his side in the middle of the yard today sun bathing. He got his belly rubbed!! And trying to lay out the 12 trays tonight with 12 pigs getting in your way and Rickey who wouldn't budge from my leg. I had to laugh , i even playfully patted him with the cookie sheet and stuck to me LOL Silly pigs..

And Roscoe looking up at Jane and giving her a gentle rub with his big head , and my Rose who bucks after i tell her she is beautiful and almost knocks me over. I tell her "its NOT funny" and i know the way her tail is wagging she is laughing at me. So i tell her " that's not funny ha ha Rose!!!"

Nancy and Jane were here today and Nancy worked for the horses and Jane and I worked for the pigs. I raked and tipped wheel barrows while Jane scrubbed and got fresh waters. One more volunteer and it all would of all got done and less work for every one too. Jane and i went till about 2 as i just couldn't do any more.

Dior has learned how to pull the boards out and let her self in the yard and Lacy stands back waiting for her to do it. There like bad kids and race galloping in like big cheeky brats. Last night i nailed all the boards so when i need to drive in next time with hay I will to pull them out. I need that fence line replaced its only a matter of time before she takes out the flimsy gate .

All the pigs need to be dewormed so that is on my mind and has to get done. We will fix a bazillion jelly sandwiches and lace them all with meds.

The weather has just been beautiful and the pasture is littered with Robins every day. I heard my first coyote kiyi here tonight and it sounded wonderful as did the chatter of squirrel over the neighbors way. Hard to believe there calling for snow next week LOL could of worn a t shirt out there today.


Jean said...

It's great to hear HON is getting some support and surprises - what a good feeling that must be!

Those mini iced cupcakes from safeway worked great for getting the dewormer into the Super Wees - we just injected the stuff into the centre with a syringe, and then popped the whole thing (paper and all) into the piggies' mouths. We did it through the fence so they all lined up along the fence nicely (Trying to do it in the pen, with livestock spray to mark those that had received theirs, was chaos!). I will be out before the end of the month so can give you a hand if you want to wait until then.
The pic of the piggies in the field looks like they are getting ready for a soccer game! LOL

Janice Gillett said...

I remembered you girls used cupcakes. If i got away with injecting two cc's into each cupcake that covers 75 lbs. Lets see
Rose would need about 10 cupcakes LOL Do you remember how many cc's the cupcake would hold?

We used chocolate covered jam cookies last time and could only get 1 cc in per cookie. So by weight of the pig some needed 6 cookies. After injecting a bazillion cookies, the first pig we offered it too smelled it and said "not eating that"

I would need a lot of cupcakes!! But if they hold 2cc's it would be worth anything if they ate them. We know your guys would but my guys know this stuff now.. but cupcakes is something i haven't tried.

Jean said...

When the pigs were with me, the little ones only needed 1cc and Scotch and Soda needed 2 - so we just injected one cc per cupcake and then fed the parents two cupcakes. I think the mini cupcakes would hold 2 cc (we might have even done that the second time) - just leave the paper wrapper on. We prepared them in the house, on a cookie sheet, then took them outside immediately and stuffed them in piggy mouths. Don't let the prepared ones sit around or the liquid may soak through the paper, plus the cake/icing absorbs the taste throughout rather than keeping it in the centre like a jelly donut. Hmmm....there's).
There's LOTS of sweet icing on those cupcakes, which really helps. You could use regular sized cupcakes for the bigger pigs - those would hold more ccs. Oh, or jelly donuts - I bet those would work well!
The mini cupcakes come 12 (or maybe it is 24) to a container at Safeway and they are pretty cheap.

Janice Gillett said...

Well based on weight and if i can only hold 1cc per cupcake i would need about 200 of them LOL x 2 when i redose in 10- 14 days