Thursday, March 25, 2010

Love A Plenty

Jean visited from Croften on Tuesday and arrived here with treats for all the pigs and especially for the babies she helped bring into this world. Two years ago Jean had agreed to foster two adults for us and within three weeks two pigs would turn into 12 with the birth of Soda and Scotches babies. Can you imagine looking after all those little babies?? In May, Jean would be in the stages of retiring to the Island and the pigs were moved to the Sanctuary.

Planning for her arrival i had all of her kids out running free to explore the acreage. Jean's face was lite up by the time she got to my door as her babies heard her voice and came running to the gate to great her.

We took a bazillion pictures ..


Anonymous said...

Janice I love your new place. It looks wonderful.
I've followed the piggies story from the their birth, and I'm so happy that they still remember momma Jean who used to sing lullabies to them.


Janice Gillett said...

Thanks Else .. i too sing the sunshine song and every once in a while I sing to them for Jean.

I have a series of snaps on my facebook page too of that day!