Monday, March 29, 2010

Introducing Willbe( pronounced Will Be)

I left here at 9: 15 this morning and just sat down after peeling my clothes off that were soaked to my underwear.

This pig was in a cement water hole in a barn, just big enough for him to turn around in. His ears resemble that of a panda bear caused by rats and biting flies eating away the top half of his ears off.

To my horror this morning looking for a reaction of a waggy tail he turned around and showed me, he had no tail as its been chewed right off.

He is not neutered and too obese for surgery. And although his life will be rich here, its going to take some time. Right now the stress of needing a pen built right away is on me. A house big enough for him as the one he is in is so far away from the herd, and so unstable it troubles me.

He is a chatty boy and cute as a dickens and i am exhausted. And his name ..well that is all he came with his precious self.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god: lovely lovely pig meets lovely lovely woman!
Yay for the HAGS: Heroines Against Gestation (crates)!

That is one cute piggy.

Try not to be saddened by the cruelty. There is so much of it out there that we have to fight the impulse to let it sadden our lives.
Yay to the little piggy!

Janice Gillett said...

i need a drink... I had a bottle of wine given to me for Christmas i may go open it.

From one Hag to another , thanks!!

dirtyduck said...

all he has is his name, oh janice, im so sorry for the both of you.but listen to addies advice, at first i thought it was a little to upbeat but she is right, she IS RIGHT.

Sheryl said...

Thank you, Janice, for rescuing the little piggy from the hell he was living in.

Jean said...

OMG Janice, he has the cutest face, with that white snoutie. And I agree with Addie.....we have to fight the impulse to let the cruelty sadden our lives. Wilbe is home now and his life will get better and better.
What a coincidence - I just came from my writers' group, in which one of the members is writing a book with a main character called Wilbe. I quite like the name - that's one little piggy that Will Be whatever he has the opportunity to become.
Bless you for rescuing him, even though you are already stretched to the limit.

Anonymous said...

This blog keeps us going! It exudes love.
Hags for Pigs!!

Janice Gillett said...

I just got in from feeding breaky to all and garlic bread pieces, banana , apple and prunes was met with I want out!! I tried to hand feed but there is so many flavors he hasn't tried before. And then i thought i saw a waggy tail and in my mind this is what i wanted to see!!! He turned around and showed me.. no tail only a nub left by the barn rats..

You know this is an old guy farmer and why didn't he think!!!!!!! Feed the fricking rats!!!!!!!! (for my rattie friends) Or move them out!!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't like someone to chew on his ass and ears?

Here's the web link to those letters (they're under a title "Pity for Pigs" --I like it):

Anonymous said...

Hey Janice,
Not sure if I want to completely out myself on my blog but here we are, if you're interested!