Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Well its about time!

What a difference in weather compared to last year,and i hope i don't jinx us by saying that. We were under three ft of snow last last year and it sure looked beautiful in the pictures lol. Well it is a tad wet here right now but i keep telling the pigs it is better then snow!

The area of the acreage i had built all the piggy paddocks on is a wetland. I go out there and i keep telling the pigs they are not moose , they are pigs! I guess i should be talking about ducks but moving from the worry of flood to this all I can say to the pigs is "what have I brought us too???".

I have plywood and walking boards in the big pigs paddocks as try feeding a 700 pound pig with a bucket in your hand and your boot stuck in the muck. Can you hear me telling them "DON"T BUMP ME". And three of the pots paddocks have them knee deep in water at the gates too. Thankfully where i placed all the houses are in the highest areas and room to feed and potty. I would also like to add had of these pigs not been the rooting machines they are it might of been a tad better to deal with. But they were so happy to have so much room and grass they couldn't help themselves!!! And even though i knew it was going to be bad one week into building them all i didn't want to cover all that grass with gravel or sand and take that away from them before they got to destroy it LOL . Okay then, it is all my fault...

Something major has to be done but we all will have to deal with it until dry weather as there is nothing i can do or bring in when the ground is saturated everywhere. ugh ugh and ugh And the reality of it is i couldn't of dealt with it in the time frame I had or the weather we were already in.

I did get my computer repaired by a great guy who came over the night i called him who worked for 2 1/2 hours on my system and only charged me 75.00. My camera was back in action until yesterday when i was going to take some pictures and now my camera says "card error" WTF now??? So I will share some of the ones i did get before my system got messed up.

Mouse is still in the house ..LOL and Penny is doing awesome!!! My horses are good too and my cats are still scared to death to come out of the living room. They have the entire two bedrooms in the attic and the living room but wild as they were when i brought them in the wild fear is still in them. I can't wait until they see the big room. lol

That has been an on going dilemma as what to call this games room. The den, the big room, the games room the bat cave??? I wish i had of taken pictures of this room to show you. Its HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!

I need to find some help here fast as i have no one coming to help here any more with the physical work besides my sister who comes half a day on most Saturdays. I could get that pig our of the shelter if i had some man help here for a day. But i can't do what i need to do by myself or pay any more out for help here and it will take a few of us to do what needs to be done. Lucy Lucy Lucy.. sigh...

The pen work cost me 21000,00 , the well pump 3100.00 , add two vet bills 3100.00 and i am tapped out as far as the loan goes. Can you imagine what it could of cost with me without all the help i got ??? Man oh man!!!!!!!! The crane trucks all those horse trailers and moving trucks!! And all the food, help, labour whewwwwwww thank God and my spirit herd!

Bosleys donated about ten bags of feed and that helps big time and friends are still helping by bringing apples and carrots when they can. And leaf bags of french bread is always a hit and great for the cold winter months to keep the fat on my kids to keep them warm. Yesterday the pigs not only had breakfast they also had blueberry's for an afternoon snack! So we are doing well with support that way and the donations are keeping the feed bills paid. Oh that reminds me to call back a friend who is pitching our cause to one of the grocery stores , i need to do a letter!!!

Ps i need to find a home for three rabbits FAST. Two lop ear and one friendly black. There little selves will be toast if i don't get them out of where they are. Thankfully they are being given a chance so I can't mess around here.


dirtyduck said...

your blue house is adorable! andall the other paddocks look so neat and tidy (looks can be decieving though, wish it wasnt so wet there for you guys)

Jean said...

I'm glad you're getting more settled and I hope the mild winter continues. I can only imagine that mud, having seen what the piggies can achieve with a bit of rooting! Sounds like a good layer of sand covered with a layer of bark mulch might be in order in the spring, for those paths and the gate areas of the pens at least.
I know that advertising for help in the neighbourhood is always a risk, but have you considered putting up a notice at that little store near you? Maybe not even mention the species, just ask for volunteer help with animal sanctuary in xxxx community (whatever that area is called?). Also, perhaps senior high school students who need to fulfil their community work hours?
Re the camera - try taking the card AND the batteries out and letting it sit for 48 hours, then re-install everything and see if it works. I had a memory card error on something else, and that was the solution.

Janice Gillett said...

Thank you, the picture of the house is from the side. Wish i had of taken one from the front duh!! Got your email, will email you back later today!

Comet pushed all of his hay out of his house for bedding and has made a muddy nest in there by dragging in shrubs and sticks for a nest. My project for this morning.

Thanks Jean good idea about the store!! And my camera is sitting with card and batteries removed.

I am wondering if road mulch would be better .. And bark mulch at the houses will look nice, and laying sand down first will help.