Sunday, January 24, 2010


I have always liked Sundays as technically it is my only day off. That of course when i am working full time and by no means did i ever stop working but there was peace and it was my day. After a work week and then waking to Saturday mornings filled with volunteers and the grueling work ahead of us. But Sunday mornings was my time and nothing would dictate how i did what, unless i had a booked visitation. Then every thing worked around that but the early mornings were mine.

I spent some time on the grass with Ricki and Whisper who were happy to get my attention while there family raced all over the acreage. Cooing the way pigs do with there bristles raised, i loved on them for a long time as i laid down on the damp grass.

And I watched Georges reaction when he saw me coming. A happy spin and a trot around the tree to greet me.

When I went out side to feed dinner tonight which was 30 minutes from when I was last out there Dior gave me a great horse hello. She knickers all the time but this was a song! I loved that!!! And today watching the two knuckle heads drinking from the pond is a picture in my mind I will never forget.

I watched Scout bucking in playfulness as he raced towards his brother. Hearing the hello between mother and son when reunited after searching for roots in different areas of the property. A loud and deep oh oh oh.

Buddy playfully grabbing my hand as he was so excited to have his collar on, and me with leash in hand. I could go on and on. Every body is happier here , every one of them. And these large pens are so much healthier for them as they leap from there nests to race to the gates for feeding times and freedom.

Tonight Mouse left her patio door nest and was up here with me where my office is set up. I caught her looking at a empty space between two pieces of furniture and it made me get up. I went and got two blankets from upstairs and spread them out beside me. She has made a new nest not more then four feet away from me here. I took this picture of Mouse laying in the sun yesterday. I sent it to Ken our vet with a note from Mouse thanking him for today, yesterday and tomorrow.

Tortilla gave me a scare early today as sometimes i hear his cries from his house at feed times and then i know he needs me to help him to his feet. He is an old guy about 16 -17 years old now. Today was different his front legs were pulled tight towards his tummy and i thought oh dear is today the day. I asked him if he was okay and his eyes were closed and he cried and cried. I reached over him and gave him a lift and he got up to his feet and was fine. It was like he had forgotten how to get up and that is what i asked him. "Did you forget how to get up Tory?".

But tonight I realize he must of been asleep and having a bad dream. Silly me, poor Tortilla. He still gets up about three times a day getting his exercise and fresh air. Yet he has not venture out to his horses yet. I started him on some remedies two days ago so we will see if that gives him some of his strength back. I check on him every night , watch him get into his house okay and put a flash light on him every night before i go to tuck in Penny.

I got a lot done today but it was in peace and with out threats or worries.

Cleaned four paddocks and the barn and pasture . Cut down some branches and cut off the lock left on the gate from the previous owner. That thing was bothering me and was only confusing visitors. Calling to me from the gates ..BUT IT'S LOCKED!! lol

I also planted a tree that had been run over by the fencing crew and saved by me replanting it quickly in some soft soil by the house. I look out at Dylan's yard and it is pretty boring compared to what he used to have. I may have to change that but while he was sleeping away i planted that tree in his yard. He got up to see what was going on just after i gave it some water. I hung on the fence rails and watched him find it and his tail started to wag. I told him "i did it for you!" "It is your tree and it will always be known as Dylan's Tree. Gads if i change his yard , i 'll have to move the tree again.. lol.

Well off i go to check on the kids and hit the couch.

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Rattie said...

What wonderful work you do!