Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New year

Today a little pig who was found abandoned and starving is on his way 'home'. The emergency only came threw a few days ago when my good friend Maggie wrote asking if there was room at the Inn. She lives on one of our Vancouver islands and this little pig was discovered by one of the neighbors, alone and starving.

Enter Jean our foster Mom to the Super Wee's here who moved to Crofton who jumped to work for this little pig. Net working with her new friends over there and knowing of someone who had spoken to her about getting a pig one day. Well today is the day!! LOL

Maggie, Bob and and Gail over there made arrangements to transport today and when the crate went down that little pig walked in knowing and trusting those around him that he would be going to a better place and he walked right in. ( jean called me first thing to let me know)

Jean will meet up with the rescue team in Crawford and transport the rest of the way to a piece of heaven near Crofton. There awaits Pat and hubby with a house full of straw , a large area to be a pig, mini goats, a horse friend and a small herd of mini dogs lol. And i am quite sure a bowl of everything a pig desires.

Pictures to follow once this little pig is 'home'!!!

Edited to add Jeans Blog who laid out the yellow brick road...

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