Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Where does the time go?

Yikes it been forever since i posted on here! I should of at least come on to wish every one a Merry Christmas!!!!

Between unpacking , shopping for birthdays and Christmas presents and looking for stuff in all these boxes time slipped away from me. Mom stayed with me for four days so we weren't alone Christmas morning and opened gifts together.

We are all doing well and I am still surrounded by boxes but Mouse is doing awesome! I wish she would eat more but right now she only seems to be interested in her breakfast oatmeal. I slip in raisins and a vitamin as she is putting her nose up at ummm normal piggy pellets. It bothers me as i try different things as she leaves her dinner and yet needs to get her weight back up.

Penny had a rough few weeks as did I worrying about her kept me from sleeping. But i am cooking her soup and she is getting better , such a shame after loosing so much weight and moving really well that she can't seem to muscle her poop out. Boy does she get mad at me when i help her and then other times she accepts and lays down for it.. i have used every type of enema there is and spinach, prunes, juice well none of it helps her any more. But i will move on past this subject as she hasn't needed my help for about 4 days now.

Dior my quarter horse scared the heck out of my sister and I as she wobbled to the ground last week and looking like she was sleeping and having a nightmare we watched her have what at first thought was a stroke. By the time i raced into the house and got my vet on the phone she was rolling and i got out there to stop her. I stood behind her and asked her to stop and she got up all the while i was giving my vet a play by play. Then her eyes got so tired looking and when i looked over at Lacy she looked ready to drop too and it occurred to me that neither horse has laid down here to sleep yet. Something a horse must do every day or night to get adequate sleep. Horses only lay down when they feel safe in there environment, the move did have a toll on them after all.
As of today both horses show signs of having laid down and as i told them i am 20 feet from them now ( my house) so they are safe as can be!! A seizure brought on by sleep deprivation is my guess and my vet says there is not too much we can do.

I took pictures of Mouse out and about here at the new place and of all the new paddocks i had built. And this will be the first Christmas ever that I couldn't take pictures of their morning feast. For some reason my computer doesn't see my memory card for my camera and i have tried everything but replacing it. Next run into town i will get someone to check it out for me and replace the card so i can get back on track. Feel lost without my pictures to share here!

This Christmas was really great as no snow to stop pig friends from bringing us goodies and leaving cases of apples out at the gates. Two leaf bags of bread and buns and a bag of carrots with the biggest carrots i have ever seen. I told the big pigs they were made for them lol.

Well this is getting to long and i don't want to bore you , no pictures is no fun at all. And Mouse is up asking for soemthing!!!


Jean said...

So glad to hear your silence has just been the result of time speeding by and not any great catastrophe!
I hope Penny, Mouse, Dior and Lacy all continue to adjust and improve daily - what a worry our beloved animals are!
Here's hoping 2010 is a great, great year for Hearts on Noses.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Like Jean, I'm delighted to hear from you, and send you and every one of your critters my very best wishes for 2010. Special thoughts go to the ones currently on your worry list. Your blog is never boring, Janice, even without pictures:) I would have been in a panic, had I seen Dior, and doubt I would have ever figured out sleep deprivation. Very glad to read that things are looking better now.

Janice Gillett said...

Thanks freinds now if any one could please tell me waht is the matter with this cumputor now as my card works fine at the system at london drugs!

My system restore will NOT back date eitehr ... ANDDDDDDDD my pritner will not print.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and grrrrrrrrrr

sobe said...

yeah, a new post! Your posts have been missed!

Wishing you and the animal family a very good start to 2010!

hope the computer works again!

dirtyduck said...

psh you dont want to bore us???? please bore us at any time!!! i love your posts. and this one especially. that is so interesting about the horses, scary at first, but that makes sense, the only laying down when they feel safe? this piggy here i thought would never get used to our new house(which we moved into just as you were moving into yours)but sh seems fine now....no problems eating everything in her path.