Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mouse is eating !!!

I am still way behind on emails but I wanted to thank everyone who posted there concerns as I took them to heart. I began force feeding her yogurt by the syringe. My vet actually came here yesterday morning to check on her which is something the practice doesn’t do. He works at the Grouse Mountain Wild Life Preserve as the vet there as well so me thinks he stopped on his way up the mountain. Even so something he didn’t get paid for and was here with Mouse for about an hour checking her over. He left us feeling confident she would begin eating today and he was right. Last night I offered her spinach and she ate it all up. Between last night at about 11 and this morning she ate her assortment of offerings and her served banana and apple pieces this morning. She was a little bit more of a challenge to get the meds in her so she is on her way to recovery now. Her first bowel movement will be the tell all for me and now that she has something in her I can expect that soon too. The prunes and spinach hopefully will make it an easy move-ment ;o))

She is here with me in the big house and the weather is really cold here right now. Hammering out ice out of waters twice a day and filling by the bucket until I get my electric hose today. Its only 40ft at over 200.00 but 40ft of not walking with a pail I will take at this price. Any how her little self will no doubt be spending a lot of house time as she is quite comfortable here in her nest of blankets.

The make shift pen is at the only access for pigs into or out of my house right now and I have the ramp set up for an easy way in and out for her and a tiny penned off area outside of it all. She has been using the litter tray , these guys are soo smart but you all know that!! She can stay in the big house as long as she wants , returning to the herd will be her decision.

I told her last night how she will be able to run like the wind again , no longer packing around that extra weight, and her natural sitting up on her back legs for treats will come again for this brave little girl!!

( stain on the couch was a squirt of meds as she resisted the offering a tad this morning! )

The operation was just a little over $2500.00 for enquiring minds wondering what the charges are like here . And it was a fair price as it was a steady 3 1/2 hours of surgery for Ken and his team and he went right from Mouse to another appointment waiting in the office. He was eating a cookie on the fly.


Anonymous said...

Is Mouse little for a pot-bellied? Hence the name Mouse?

Wilbur likes avocado; does Mouse?

dirtyduck said...

so cute!

Janice Gillett said...

The moment i saw her i thought she was as cute as a Mouse ;o)) LOL .. she is about 150lbs now.

Janice Gillett said...

Avacodos were given to the pots a long time ago and i remember one of them threw up. Not sure why but i never buy them becsue of that instance feeling they might be too rich for them.

Now our big pigs would love them i bet!!

Black Jack's Carol said...

Great news, Janice! I would love to see a picture of her sitting up on her back legs. I didn't know pigs do that. So happy for you and Mouse