Thursday, December 3, 2009


My brave little girl survived the removal of a 35lb tumour today and i pray with all my heart i will see her back with herd very soon. She will of course spend the night and these next 24 hours are in our creators hands now as Ken (Watcom Vet) did a wonderful job! I was there at 9:30 thanks to the help of Carol (SAINTS) and Smitty!! Three hours in surgery... i got home about 3:30 with the aid of West Coast Tails Pet Taxi who came back to pick me up again after getting us to the vets on time.

Please send postive thoughts and prayers for Mouse.

That is Mouse on your left hand side after her herd got into a bale of straw back at the old place. They had fun!!!

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dirtyduck said...

mouse we are rooting for pun intended.