Thursday, January 21, 2010

Out of the Darkness

Another beautiful day and i took lots of pictures as you can see and some movies so you can see the set up for the pigs.

I went into town today and loaded up with hay again and filled the inside of my truck with apples , carrots , peanuts and wood burning pellets for the stove. I also splurged and bought a little shop vac so i can clean out the pellet stove better. And you all know i set my little one on fire by doing that and using the house one is going to wreck it. I need a shop vac anyhow and man they work great. Far better then any of these house hold ones they sell you. Yes, bigger and bulkier but power!! Oh oh oh oh oh ohhhhhhhh power.

As i looked at the pictures I took today i realized something. How i was frantically searching with Sue my real estate agent for a place for both the horses and the pigs . How it had to have shelter for the horses and pasture. It have to have enough land to build bigger and better piggy paddocks. How it couldn't be too far from my Mom. What if i got snowed in and lived out in the boonies, how would i get feed , hay and smokes LOL .

Anyhow what i am trying to say is who would of thought that all of a sudden i am now realizing that by fluke the house is perfect for me too.

When every one is fed i sit outside on the bench and make sure Tortilla makes it back into his house okay. He is an old guy and his rear legs are not as strong as he used to be. While i was looking at him he was looking at me. Your so cute Tory and he "oofed" in agreement.

It was then for the first time in my life did I look up at a crescent moon and saw a beaming smile in the sky.


Jean said...

Janice, I am grinning from ear to ear! I am sooooo happy that you are feeling good about the place, and the horses and piggies have all settled in just fine.
I picked up a big bag of hazelnuts that our produce place was getting rid of post-Christmas, and will bring them over for the piggies - they can have a hazelnut scramble or a hazelnut hunt.

Janice Gillett said...

Oh boy they are going to be so excited!!!

Have you firmed up an ETA?

My furnace packed it in tonight LOL

Jean said...

Just emailed you with ETA, Janice.

Black Jack's Carol said...

LOVED the guided tours and the smile in the sky! Did you find out why Casanova wasn't up and about?

Janice Gillett said...

thanks.. and yes I wondered if Winnie was being her bossy self so i went and grabbed another chunk of alfalfa and called him. He came out of his house right away and happy to get his own pile..silly me!!