Saturday, January 30, 2010

Good Good Freinds

Jean was here Thursday and we had a great visit! We had a quick bite and then off we went bargain hunting at a few thrift stores in Maple Ridge. We both found things that we needed for our new homes.

Then we came back here and Jean treated all the pigs with a huge bag of hazel nuts and she must of taken a bazillion pictures! Can't wait to see them on her blog when she gets home and settled from being away. Then we fed them all dinner and Jean took some more pictures lol

After we had everybody else fed we drove down to the Shake and Shingle Pub not too far from here and Jean treated me to a really nice dinner. Good time and much needed break from the routine here .

Saturday was busy today with my sister helping and Brent back again. Today we tackled the basement starting with my millions of tins, jars , coffee cans of nuts ,bolts,nails washers you name it . And started to try and separate them all. Still boxes of this and that to unpack and we boxed up maybe 2 dozen tins of paint left behind for recycling.

Then Gloria and Stan came to visit from "For Pets Sake" and brought some boxes of good garage sale items AND a really nice donation!!! There organization holds fundraisers and pub nights to help folks like us. Cool eh!!!

To wrap the night up Lisa arrived our Bunny Loving girl and we rounded up six bunnies from a neighbor. We got them into some nice little cages i had here , lined them with towels and they are all snuggy warm and on there way to there new homes. Nice way to wrap up a day and Lisa helped me feed the pigs too.

Lisa has a little car and here is a picture of her co-pilot and the kids we got out before they were turned into dinners.


Anonymous said...

Love the bunny!!
What is Jean's blog address?

Janice Gillett said...

She hasn't posted and was back on Saturday.. i hope everything is alright.

dirtyduck said...

what a cute picture of that bunny in a carseat!!!