Tuesday, January 19, 2010

If They are Happy, I'm Happy.

Well i got all the rest of the pigs houses filled with straw and raked the Super Wee's paddock and after doing the horses and two wheel barrows to start with i was done. It took five trips to wheel barrow over 5 bales of straw and i took two out filled with piggy pearls and pine needles out of the Super Wee's. The rest of the paddocks will have to wait until tomorrow.

All the pigs who weren't out free disappeared into there houses to fix the straw how they like it and search for delicious oats. And thank goodness because ohhhh poor poor Comet. His high pitched WEE'S translated too "let me out,I want out oh pleeeaseeeeeee" . Try as i might to explain that doesn't change anything. That he was out yesterday and others were watching him. Its only fair i am telling him and he stops and thinks about that for a few minutes and then he can't help himself and starts all over again.

It was 12: 30 so i started to call the Super Wee's ( JEANNNNNNNNNNNNN) and every body came except Tom. He had me walking all over the place thinking he was confused and was trying to find his way back. NOT.. he totally ignored me and even though i put a dish of crunch under his nose he had his own agenda.

I had to go into town so I left Buddy out to protect the little brat.

I got the truck loaded for the dump and let me tell you when i got there i could barley pull the card board out of my truck. I get quite a bit of cardboard here as get cases of apples and go threw about 4-6 cases a week . But i was out of strength and it feels so weird to be that weak lol

I got home about 3:30 and there was Tom pacing his fence line. "How do i get in???". "I want in nowwwwwwwwww". With a smirk on my face i walked out there before i unloaded my truck and thought to myself next time he will a good listener.

I almost forget there was reason for celebration on Saturday!! And i called Mom and my sister out so they could see!! Gads Danny has been with me for years and came in so fat his eye sight was permanently damaged. Back at the old place the Butter Cup kids had a huge paddock and that was good because only one of them ever wanted to go out. Danny, Casandra and Tuskers are The Butter Cup Kids and if you look back to when i first started this Blog you can read all about them.


When i talked to this herd about us moving one day i promised them no gravel driveway. There gate exited right onto the driveway and they had to cross it to get to the pasture. Tuskers and Danny both hated the rocks and it took cake to get Danny out at all. I would tell him "there are no holes" and "follow the fence line out". He couldn't see well and i needed too assure him.

Thankfully it was a promise i could keep, there is no gravel on this driveway and it is paved. So the gates were left open for them on Saturday just after noon and about 2:30 i was making sure they all had gone back in as i needed to start all there dinners soon. Cpt Norm was in and so was Cassandra and Tuskers , they were milling around in there paddock . Where is Danny???? I looked in there house twice, around back of it too as they have a really large L-shaped pen.

Danny was all the way across the pasture just trucking home and wagging his tail like a windshield wiper. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Danny, look at you go!!
I found a picture of him taken in the back yard at the old place as that was a big deal for him too.

The pigs are happier here , Danny says so.


Colleen said...

Awwww, my heart is smiling! Whoo hoooo Danny!

"All the pigs who weren't out free disappeared into there houses to fix the straw how they like it and search for delicious oats."

It's quite interesting watching Tunie make her bed. She is never ever satisfied with what she has. She always goes into each freshly cleaned horse stall and snags a mouthful of fresh hay, wanders back to her stall and remakes it. Oh, and she ALWAYS leaves piggy pearls in every stall. Purposely or not, it always cracks me up. :)

Jean said...

I am so glad the pigs are happier at the new place. As for Tom.....we'll see if little Mr. Independence has learned his lesson. I shall have a little talk with him next week.

Way to go Danny! Soon you will be a racing pig - we'll have to get you some stripes you'll be running so fast across the pasture!

dirtyduck said...

all great news:) did you ever get my email? its def ok that you havent written back, i just was worried that i sent it wrong email or something?

Janice Gillett said...

Its good to hear about Tunie and her nest building lol. And yes they are such cheeky brats as she appears to be letting everyone know the barn is hers with making um a statement if you will by leaving her piggy pearls.
I am so happy for Danny too!!! Yes he is a racing pig!!
Yes i got your email my friend will email you back today! I think I will do a little lighter work today and get some inside stuff done. Although i am going to need hay and straw.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Great fun to read your posts, Janice. You sure are working hard, and I can feel your contentment as the pigs become convinced they are HOME.

Janice Gillett said...

And every day i am feeling more at home too as i follow there lead!!

The work never stops, I worked all day yesterday in the house. Spent 2 1/2 hours on the phone between Shaw Cable and ADT Security. Paid some bills and did laundrey.

The sun is out so i will head into town and get hay, straw, feed, wood pellets, a shop vac and some groceries. That should do me in, after putting it away. lOL