Saturday, January 23, 2010

Freedom Penny

WOW . Erin came to help, wow a volunteer!! And she arrived with apples and carrots too. I should mention Lee came to visit yesterday with 6 cases of apples and another leaf bag of bread for the pigs. And a really nice pineapple loaf for me , YUM! Well of course my sister was here and Mom came over too . Brent was back as well so we got lots of stuff done.

Cleaned up some of the mess out front behind the fence which i think was left overs from the tree house that used to be here. We also disturbed a little fat gray mouse so we were quick to leave him some of his wood for mouse protection. All the cement blocks scattered about the property were gathered to one pile . They are left overs used to raise sheds and enable footing for the crane truck when it got stuck. The big hole created by big tires got filled too!

Another heavy load to the dump but metal and rotten wood can be recycled. Brent came and helped me unload after all of us filled the truck up. So much waste in the wood pile at the dump. Old wood barn windows i would of loved to grab , but your not allowed to scavenge hunt there anymore.

Another mild day and pigs were enjoying there freedom. I let big Roscoe out first, he loves to be anywhere we are. He ventures out and then returns to us to catch up on what we are doing. He gets a rub and a scratch, and off he goes again.

The horses barn got done and the pasture was picked clean and all the waters got done. I got some of the pen work done but by 2 we were all done physically.

Big day for Penny!!! I was calling the Super Wee's in for dinner and looked in shock, Penny was coming too! She has never been out this far and has never been that far anywhere, even at the old place.

I start feeding at 3:30 and she was still cruising around when i came in here at 5:30. I was out a lot longer too, as it was such a pleasure to watch her explore the pasture.

With the help of homeopathic remedies and human brand Recovery. The home made soup and scattering her food every night the weight is coming off even more and her limp is totally gone. The added exercise has really helped her and sweet Penny has awakened from her fat depression and painful life.

I added a picture of her from when she arrived

Yes that is her way out there!!

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Jean said...

Ohhhhhh Penny's exploring!!!! That makes me so happy - it has been a long time coming.

Now she will really start to feel better, moving around like that. Way to go, Penny! (Give those Super wees a run for their money!!)