Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rock and A Roll

Lots of good energy around here these days!! Gem got sponsored by Judy who came to our booth that the two Wendy's set up for us at Websters Days. Anddddddd one of my favorite blogs author Tara is supporting us too all the way from Alaska! How cool is that! Bosleys Pet Food here in Maple Ridge donated 17 bags of feed that i can stretch the pigs feed with !! Man that was a ton of food to put away on a hot day but oh so many goodies, thank you Marion!! . The guy with the million dollar property up the street has agreed to let me have a few skookum livestock gates , a big orange water tub and some 2 x 6s!! Today Judy and Lynda came all the way from Richmond with a ton blankets , good cheers and promises to help when they can !! Are we on a roll or what!!!!!!

Wendy has been down here a few times this past week helping out one way or another and she is a very cool friend. Tracey started back again and we had fun today with Joe who between putting up sun covers for both Don and Sparkles herd cut a huge upper limb off the cherry tree so we could harvest it!! This is how we do it here folks , cut the tree down LOL Not we didn't kill her, no way but it was a big pruning. The pigs had a blast and Soda's herd were working the tree as fast as we were!! We also make sure everyone who wasn't out got there share in the feast too!!

After i fed Penny she rested for a bit on her carpet runner tonight and as i kissed her snouty i realized her ears are more erect. I talk out loud to my pigs and went on about how when she first got here , her ears were held sticking strait out due to the excessive fat folds. Her ears are now a little more upright so we are very proud of her accomplishments so far. "See Penny , you will feel so much better when we get you in your new suit and it will happen you will see!!"

Now enter my old days here when i used to love to dance to good rock with a good lead guitar. ZZ top just makes me want to boogie but Nickle Back has got me acting silly around here. Dancing with the dog at about 11 for the last two nights would be a sight for sore eyes but it feels good. And i want to get this old bod moving the way it used too LOL And one of the songs i like is there new one " If today was your last Day" .. LOVE this song and some of the words "to shoot for the for the stars" inspire me. So while i was twirling around here like an idiot i did call out to the stars and told Willy to tell God that if it was my life force holding us back here that i was holding us back for the wrong emotional reasons that we had to find a better place for us . I received a call from my Realtor Sue Galway today and we have a showing tomorrow for a second look. I will be doing a little boogieing around here when i finish this post.

I wish i had of had the camera in my hand while watching Liz , Sodas only daughter literally splashing around in the wallow out front. That little girl really no doubt about would swim if i had a pond. She has no fear when she is in there and is a hoot to watch. i caught just the end of her swim as i ran for the camera and filled my card cutting us off.

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Jean said...

Lizzy says she would like your next place to have a nice pond for her to swim in - not so deep as to be dangerous, but deep enough (or spring fed) so it doesn't dry up!! Several of Scotch and Soda's herd are very good swimmers. I used to love to watch them sitting up in the water, like kids in a bathtub!