Friday, July 17, 2009

Hot is better then Snow!!

The pigs are enjoying the weather and spending time in the mud wallow out front. I keep busy around here filling up pools , the wallow and water dishes! And now that i am sitting down i better get back out here and water my flowers.


Anonymous said...

Keep the videos coming! I love them

Jean said...

Love the mud wallow! Right now, it looks inviting to me, too!

Tell Lacey and Dior (and the piggies, too) that my apple tree is LOADED with treats for them. Not sure what kind of apples they are but I'm guessing they are fairly early ripeners as they're already pretty big and turning red.

Janice Gillett said...

I love watching them too and i live with them all !!!

Auntie jean get over here!!! yummmmmmmmmm