Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Country Fest!!


Albion Fairgrounds
July 25 and 26, 2009
Saturday 10am - Midnight ( “On the Go” hours 10am—8pm)
Sunday 10am - 6pm

This is where we will be this coming week-end and we are under the tent with the SPCA so come and look for us! We have some awesome items for sale such as this poster print donated by famed artist Diana Durrand. Come out and support us, the pigs really need you!! Also for you country fans there will be some good bands playing see the link for a list of entertainment !

Its been a fab week with Tracey,Ange and Chris keeping the paddocks clean and waters fresh!

Friends of animals Ray, Chris,Karen, Carolyn and Jeremy visited and arrived wtih arm loads of carrots and apples oh my! Ray if you all remember him from being on tv several years ago who made it his quest to bunny's in shelters at the SPCA. We were all talking a mile a minute and the story i remember the most is Carolyn talking about her bunny who gives her kisses all over her face. ;o)) I also learned for all you bunny lovers that they should NOT be on pine shavings as the oil in the wood is toxic to them.

Then thanks to Judy, Earl and Lynda who have been supplying the pigs with nice wool blankets surprised me with a wish list fulfilled which netted me a ton of tools such as a chop saw , sawsall, drill, chain saw, a skill saw and a giant pig stuffy as well as a huge ceramic one.

AND THENNNNNNNNNN i answered an ad on Craig list for two stand alone awning tents and the gal (Maureen) is now donating them! whoooooooooo hoooooooooooo!!! And Flood cat (Gayle) and her hubby (Howard) are rounding them for us and will deliver them all the way from Cambie in Vancouver. Gayle was down in Katrina you simply can't be surrounded with better then the best as i have this week.

Can it get any better then this?????????? LOL I am so excited!!!!

Just got home from the Langley Market here in Ridge with two giant bags of lettuce which was enough for every pig here to get a pile of it for lunch. And melons on for 29 cents a pound. I grabbed 120 lbs of them and three large watermelons so the pigs will dine well for the next few days!

To wrap up today was a visit from Sherry who was on the hunt for volunteer work and emailed me this afternoon. She wants to sponsor a pig!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am drunk with happiness today!!!!!!!! yahoooooooooooooooooooooooo

Soda wants to know if your going to the Fair!!!

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