Monday, May 4, 2009

Odds & Ends

Yesterday I was urged to get out side by Sodas herd who are pretty good singers and were demanding there breakfast out there with wee's of starvation . So out i went to start my routine of filling the bird feeders , then the farm pigs and then out to the barn to take care of the horses. I then come back with a pail and fulfil the pot bellies needs.

Not more then an hour later i looked out front to see a wave of pigs heading out with Scotch in the lead. That stupid gate i had paid those guys to build is a joke and Scotch had no problem rooting it until the bungee cord broke i had added to the bottom and the herd was free. I had the truck loaded with wood pieces from left over projects and broken down pallets and was ready to go to the dump but delayed my plans. No sense in trying to round everyone up now i will let them be for an hour so i found something else to work on in the mean time. Stephanie was here helping me and no sooner did i hear her yelling PIG FIGHT. Did someone gate get popped open i thought as i ran towards her calls?? And then me yelling back RUN IN BETWEEN them while i raced there as fast as i could. Scotch had now broken into one of the other pens by breaking the wire free from there fence line then leaped in and was taking on a much younger Scout and they were going at it pretty good by the time i got in between them.

We got them separated and then i fixed the fence and the gate and got everyone back home and its only 11;00 an i am exhausted . Scotch is asserting his position in the herd that lives here and that is normal but i have never had a pig break threw a fence to get into someones yard to fight before. Scotch is one tough pig!! Scout now the head of his herd had both ears marked by Scotches teeth.

And the wild thing is that one day these pigs might be best of friends and Scotch would never be a threat to me, or you or any once else it is just the way of pigs. However i will run Sodas herd on there own when they are out it is much more peaceful that way. lol The sorting out of hierarchy can be brutal and it is something i am to let them sort out amongst themselves.. there are some pigs that will be no match for Scotch and visa versa . That however all can wait until the new herd gets how things work around here.

This morning when i looked outside he was at the gate again trying to work his way out of there as he had before. Once they find the weakness they learn pretty fast and will work that area that set them free. The thing that worries me is that he is teaching the young ones as they watch him and his ways. I nailed a 2 x 12 inch board 10ft long down the inside of the gate so there will be no getting in and out for anyone that way until it is replaced.

The day before yesterday on my arrival home from only being away from here for a hour or so i noticed some holly clippings set aside of my driveway. These were not there before and it appears who ever had been here went threw what they cut off my tree around back of my home and then left what they didn't want for me to clean up out front. This happens every year but normally around Christmas time as i find the tell tale signs and it must be some one in the neighborhood. And not any one who has ever met me and asked if it would alright to do what they are doing.

A few months ago volunteers were here and for some reason there wasn't enough manure forks to go around. That's funny cause i had quite a few as i had to find a place for them all to stack neatly. Two new ones i had bought were never picked as they had aluminium handles, a tad heavier and the handle longer. Both of them are gone.

I don't know if a padlock on my front gates will change anything but someone is helping themselves around here and it angers me to no end as i work hard for my money as do the people who donate to help the animals here.

The image i am sharing tonight is one from a girlfreind who supports us here from Ontario and also does rescue. These are two of her kids saved from the plate but i wnated you to see the love and closeness these pigs share with each other.


Jean said...

While I'm sorry about the chaos Scotch is creating, I can't help but laugh - Scotch was such a marshamallow around here, the quietest and gentlest of the pigs, and Soda was clearly the boss and the force to be reckoned with!! LOL

Poor Scout - he was the welcoming committee when my herd first arrived at your place, and such a gentleman he was too. I have a soft spot for him as he always comes up to say hello to me.

I wonder if you need a sign up that says the place is under video surveillance? Hmmmm....with the Mission herd's antics, maybe a real video surveillance would be a good idea - catch the theives AND let us see Scotch's latest naughtiness!

Janice Gillett said...

the magnificent seven arrived here in 2001 and Mouse was always first up and last one in. She was the watcher of the herd and had thought for years she was head hog. But one night i was suprised to watch Peppermint Patty move Mouse off a food dish. Patty was "head hog" but ruled with a strong and quiet prescence. Me thinks Scotch is head of his herd and Soda is second in command.
This morning as it is raining out I wonder if your kids are wondering how they are going to get fed without getting wet. Your barn allowed a feed station , this one does not. This is the one thing i must address about the set up here for the larger herds who don't have a peaked roof or an umbrella big enough to provide cover. Maybe i will have to invest in a couple of those picnic table covers.

sobe said...

I had a mental image of you playing Scotch's favorite song on a flute and having them all line up behind you on their way back to their area. LOL

Janice Gillett said...

That image is not too far from the truth!! Remove the flute and that is what it looks like around here with a bucket in my hand and pigs in tow. ;o))

Rich, Jane, Boomer, and Daisy said...

thanks for stopping by to read our spoof on the Canine Flu! Who'd a thunk you have such sweet pigs!

Drop by again tomorrow and pick up a special award we have waiting for you.

R, J, B and D