Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pigs are Pets too, TWO !!!!!

Visitors to the sanctuary often ask if the pigs know there names. Of course they do!! Another common question is, how do i tell them apart?? I answer this with my response to the kids who come here. Do you know lots of kids at school and how do you tell them apart?? They always answer with "they look different!!" well so do pigs!

Pigs have special harness's you can order just for them, clothes, rain jackets or fuzzy winter coats. Special food, conditioners, shampoo ,brushes, vitamins, supplements and all the health care needs you would find for a cat or a dog, just not in Canada. In the USA there are magazines, clubs, chat lists, and shows.

Pigs can be taught tricks in about 15 minutes and will learn to let you know they want out and when they want back in. Pigs shed once a year and when neutered have no scent at all. Girly pigs should be spayed but do not have the alluring scent( musky) a boy pig will have until he is neutered.

Pigs like to be brushed, kissed, scratched and love it when you rub gently on there eyes, behind there front legs, behind there ears and on there tummies. Pigs love it when you whisper into there ears and tell them they are wonderful and oh so smart.

Pigs can trot , lope and run full out when you call them for dinner or out of sheer happiness . They get the zoomies too!!! They will spin and buck in joy too! They all know where they live, where there paddock or house is and stand at attention waiting for rewards. I took this little video today to show you !!


Tara said...

Awesome! I love the video!

Colleen said...

My heart is smiling! Thanks guys!

How is Scotch and Soda and their family doing Janice?

Question....does an established herd get along with other herds or solo pigs?

And you mentioned shampoo specifically for pigs. How often should a pig who lives indoors be bathed?

Those are 2 devilishly handsome piggies you have in the video! (did I mention I LOVE the videos you take? )

Janice Gillett said...

Thanks Tara, Casanova was being stubborn, my treats were not that worthy!!

Scotch and Soda and there off spring are doing great and have adapted well. Some of the babies were racing around out here yesterday, just like dogs do!!

Pigs live in a world of hierarchy so each pig must find his place with the others. It can be brutal!!!

Pigs have no scent and in all my years of living with them i have only shampooed Willy years ago and that was for medical reasons.

I will tell them you said they were handsome ;o)) !!

Anonymous said...

Just great that yu are educating people Janice, you do such wonderful work for our porcine friends - Sue/Piggies

Prairie Chicken... said...

totally cute!

dirtyduck said...

i noticed that my pig liked to be scratched on her legs and thought it was just her! also my husband and i think its so fun when she "happy dances" she loves being whispered to also which i thought was weird but apparently not...thank goodness now i dont have to be a "closet pig ear whisperer"