Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Mothers Day

This morning, a photographer and her boy friend arrived to take pictures of both Rose and Roscoe. She was entering a contest and her subject matter was animals we consume. Roscoe did his best but Rose stole the morning with her eating my flowers and adding a little color to the shot. Hopefully I will get some of those pictures she promised me .

Mom arrived for our noon departure and we headed out to my sisters to pick her up and then onward to our adventure. We had decided to pack a picnic lunch and then find a perfect spot for the dogs and our blanket. We really didn't have a destination as we wanted to stay away from crowds so we drove until we found it. And in Derouche we found a perfect place with a creek and a large open but fenced in area at an old community center. The pasture was actully a large ball field but it had the look of not been used in years.

The dogs had a blast while we ate our lunch and they had treats and then we topped it off with a nice cup of coffee. The pictures you don't see here are the ones I packed my camera for, brought extra batteries and then left the darn card in my computor at home. Thankfully Mom brought hers and we got some good shots of her as well as the dogs resting in lush green grass littered with bright yellow dandilions. However i will have to wait until she developes them and then learn how to use my scanner .

For those of you who have never been here before we are on two acres with an added acre of my neighbors which is also fenced in for the pigs as well. The pig village bascially wraps around my house so it is effecient for me to feed. This leaves open pasture all around the outside of my home as well as the front and back yard for the pigs to explore.

When i left i told Soda's herd if i got home early enough I would let them out when i got back so to be good while i was gone. So as soon as i pulled in and closed the gates i opened theres and off they went all to the back yard to under the bird feeders and beyond.

A few hours later i called them all in and Tom was way up front in Marios property and he high tailed it home, as did every one except Scotch. Last i saw him he was showing off to one of the horses again out back at the barn. And as i spoke out loud to the herd I said "now where is Scotch?" . Soda strutted out of the pen and took off at a pace with clearly something on her mind. She was heading back out to pasture leading to the barn. "SODA Where are you going???" i watched her walking out there and the females are priceless as they all walk with the swagger of a hussy showing off there curves. Now the barn is a fairley good walk and a pig leaving while i was setting up dinner trays is also perplexing. I added this old shot to show you the barn and the distance it is as that picture is from the back of my house and her paddock is out front of mine. I closed the gate on the babies to keep them in and i started to feed the rest of the pigs. These guys are at the end of my loop and i would go get him if he wasn't home by the time i got back to there area.

No sooner did i round the last few paddocks did I meet up with Soda. She was leading the way with Scotch following like a drunkin sailor who had just been pulled from the bar by an angry wife. Now i have had pigs in my life for going on about 16 years and i have never ever had a pig go out and bring one home especially when the food is about to be delivered.

Soda truly is the matriarch of this herd and as cute as a button.


Jean said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That's Soda for you!!!! Glad to see she is asserting herself as the boss pig again. Yes, she has left my barn in the past to go round up the youngsters and Scotch.
Soda, I am quite sure, is the piggy on which The Muppet's Ms. Piggy was modelled - wait 'til you see her throw a hissy-fit!!!!!

Janice Gillett said...

I told the babies to tell him to come home on the wind i had no idea Soda was going out to get him!!! LOL Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait to see the hissy fit now!!