Saturday, May 9, 2009

Just Rewards

First of all let me bring to your attention to the top right corner of my blog. I have been awarded this by woofgang and you can read all about them by simply clicking onto that award. Its a fun way of receiving something pretty for my ramblings and an awesome way to connect to other fellow animal lovers and there blogs. In honor of my receiving this, it is now my duty to award it to my favs so here i go. ( for those of you who need help with posting your award on your blog email me and i will send you the directions I had to ask for. lol)

The opening of the art show was wonderful, and Diana will be hosting her work of art from May 6th until May 24th in Fort Langley. I was particularly moved by one painting that had three pigs looking up and titled "Listening" . Painted in a Zebra stripe and with a subtle aura around them. Here these pigs hide from mankind but she captures the wonderment of all pigs in her work.
Diana has so generously offered us 50% of the proceeds from her beautiful cards and people were buying them up. Mom went with me and we had a wonderful time sharing wine and cheese with animal lovers of all kinds.

Today we didn't have too many volunteers but for the ones who did come they did awesome. Joe and Dustin worked on the front fence, a shrub removal, a post replaced , shored up the corner of the new pen and then worked in the pasture picking manure. My sister Nancy was here too and took care of the horses, the barn and the surrounding area.

I left them to attend the Antique Road Show and try and help out where i could with customer's ect. I however am like a bull in a china shop and while admiring all these little boxes of precious stones i sent one flying. Okay that was an accident and i felt pretty stupid as i picked up all these tiny pieces of ..ahem..fools gold. Eric provided lunch and after a bit of a traffic jam and sending off my Mom and sister who brought in there treasures to be appraised I leaned back in the chair and crushed a night light on display. By that time my feet were throbbing and feeling so totally inadequate i cowered out the door. The fee for each appraisal is to be divided by four local rescues. How wonderful of Dreamscapes to put this on year after year. I however doubt he will ever ask me to help him again. lol

The pigs are all doing well and this morning i felt so bad for not being able to let them out so i brought every one hay to munch away the day. Carrots for breakfast too so there bellies would be happy. Scotch and Soda were yapping away to Roscoe after dinner tonight as i sat in the front of the red shed and loved on RobRoy. I have added two more dishes so when i feed there is 12 serving plates now, equal opportuny i tell them as i line them in a row. Then they all had peanuts in shell for desert with me calling out to them saying "I told you there would still be good food here and all the treats you grew to love". "A promise is a promise I told them. Scotch looked at me sideways crunching away with a waggy tail.

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I am so honored to recieve this award. Thank you very much