Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bits & Peices

With all the wonderful weather the acreage is starting to look like the place i love again.

In fact i have been working from dawn to dusk every day it seems and so much is getting done. New floor in Comets house, few hinge repairs , the carport looks back to normal with out hay stacked in it and all the pigs of course got fresh bedding.

A friend brought over a ton of bread and i have spent countless hours turning it over in my driveway on the other side of the gates trying to dry it out so it won't mould. My house smells like bread as i have every container you can think of full in here and i may not eat another sandwich again.

Short post , dinner is ready but i wanted to share some pictures i took today of Soda before and after wading in the wallow.


Jean said...

Soda loves her mud baths!

Prairie Chicken... said...

Cmere and let me cuddle you Soda!