Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Night and all is well

Paula came over early this morning and while she started on the front piggy paddocks i started on the the big pigs and that being Roscoe first. Once the dog is put in and everything a big pig could tear into is put away out he comes. I tried to touch fingers with my arms wrapped around him and no can do! lol I think he likes it when i do that. I few wheel barrow loads out for him and a couple more back in as i round the back pasture to the left overs of old bark mulch to line his potty corner with. It is too old for anything else as it might as well be dirt but it cleans up that corner well. Once he was out for just short of a couple of hours we put him back in , let the dog out and the bigger herd . Roses pen is a nightmare as she always pushes straw out and every week-end it gets left and before you know it its a stinking heavy mess. I bet i pulled 6 loads out of there and tonight she replaced it . lol I tell her don't do this every night , quit making more work for your Mom!!

All the pigs got done , fresh waters , raked potty corners and bits of straw messes that make me crazy. I love it when i look back and everything is tidy, waters are sparkling and shavings line there potty corners. So we accomplished what we normally do on Saturdays so tomorrow will be a day of getting odds and ends done. You know replace that latch,and nail back up that board, all the little time consuming things that get left for that tomorrow which never seems to come. And pig friends will have a more enjoyable day and the pigs will also benefit from that. Instead of the 'excuse me" coming threw with a wheel barrow it will be oh hi Casanova , do you need some lovings.

Garage Sale/Open House next week end so this week will be making signs and getting ready for that . So much work and its not good money but it is better then nothing and I have to come up with something to replace the huge vet bills of last month.

Thoughts of the floods down south now and prayers to all of them and the animals who will suffer loss of life during this. I am sorry this is happening to all of you.

Winter was hard on all of us so we know it was hard on the wild life too. I had left a opened box of maro bones on the bench for the dog outside one night. Going to shut of the lights outside i happened to look out the window to see a raccoon with out stretched arms fishing the bottom of the box. They are so cute!!! I had thought i had a possum or a rat dining on my apples as bite marks left behind in them were so small. Not from the formidable canines of a raccoon, who would of thought!

Some of you may not know this but if you click on my pictures here it will expand them and you can get a better look at these bandits.


sobe said...

hey Janice,
You are having a garage sale next weekend? from when to when?
is it on Sunday as well? that's the only day that the car is available at our house.


Janice Gillett said...

I guess i should get my act together and be making a post about that LOL . Its already one week away, doesen't give much time for folks to mark it down on there calender!

Normally we only do it one day, but because i am not working i may go two days , what the heck!! lol It depends on how mush stuff we have or left i guess but your more then welcome to come and visit anyways on Sunday.

I hope it doesn't rain and i can let you know Saturday night if you like !

sobe said...

I just found out that my son has Saturday off so maybe he'd be willing to drive me to Maple Ridge. I'll ask him when he wakes up :)