Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cute Piggy Book!!!

A good friend of mine thanks to the world of cyberspace has wrote me saying the following...

We are so excited about this. Livea is a star! We had a little party the other night and I think she really understands its her book! Cindy belongs to several art and animal organizations and has worked with potbelly pig sanctuaries in placement of abused and abandoned potbelly pigs. Livea Rose ( pot belly) and Mike ( a horse of course) will donate portions of the proceeds from "The Flud" to these organizations in the U.S. and Canada. Cindy Inman

Lets help her sell her Piggy book!!!

Product Description
A heart-warming story about a very special Potbelly Pig, "Livea Rose." Based on true events that had taken place in Bedford Pennsylvania the summer of 2004. This is the first book of a series. Watch for the next edition! Livea will surely capture your heart!


Pigsylvania Pigtales: "The Flud"


John Going Gently said...

Can I ask you a question?
my blog dated today will outline how I think that oe of my new pigs may have epilepsy......could you give me your advice????
also I think their hooves are overlong. Both girls were slightly underweight when they arrived ...And are not that friendly and used to phyisical contact. I try to rub and touch them everytime they are fed, but I suspect they never have had any foot care. Both are 2 years old.....

Janice Gillett said...

We call it a "standing heat" and its a great time to run for the hoof nippers.

Send me a picture of your pig kids and one of there little trotters.

I have a something i wrote to send you as that will help you get them used to you ;o)