Saturday, March 21, 2009

A very good Day!

Yesterday was a mix of rain , hail and howling winds. What a surprise it was to wake up and see a clear blue sky and frosty ground. Working outside would be easier now without trying to push threw mud, well not much mud.

Lots of help today , all the horses and piggy paddocks are raked to perfection, dishes and water tubs sparkling clean and an abundance of apples gave all of them a juicy lunch time snack.

My energy soars tonight as does my heart as Roscoe our 2 year old farm pig found happiness today. When he arrived he was pen bound and brain washed and lived in a hyper state in the quest for food. This is what saved his little self as a piglet though as a passerby saw this runt getting trampled as he fought for food. So they took him home and he found his way here at 6 months old , his litter mates long gone by then and in someones freezer. It took another 6 months for Roscoe to calm down long enough to go for a walk with me in the pasture. And the only time i saw his tail wag ws when he found a tender black berry root. The beginnings of his little life was so deeply imprinted on him, until today.

I have never seen him soooooooooo happy, tail was just a whipping and we played!! I went and grabbed a towel in the carport and played "where's the pig? " as i covered his face until he took off spinning and bucking in happiness with it draped over his back. He did go out and about on his own to the pastures but when he came back to the carport as he does to make sure no one was eating anything, i am also sure he was also just coming back to us. Roscoe your happiness made my day!

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Jean said...

Aww, I am so glad Roscoe had a fun playtime and now has a sense of belonging, of being loved, part of a family.