Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Martin the Alpaca

In my freind Jeans words

Martin is such an undemanding companion that he seldom gets highlighted here. Feed him some grains and hay and the occasional sliced apple or handful for lettuce, make sure he has fresh water, scoop the poop once in a while (alpacas are very clean animals and choose just one or two spots to use as a bathroom), talk to him softly, and what do you get in return? A content, quiet, independent guy who makes the most interesting little noises, sounds the alarm when strange animals intrude, and provides your friends with an excellent supply of small, pellet-like fertilizer that can be dug straight into the garden.

Martin is still looking for his forever home. Abandoned on this property by a previous tenant a number of years ago, he has had no consistent care until I arrived. Although I knew I would not be here forever, and would not have acreage forever, I was not prepared to walk away from him and leave him to be neglected once again. And so I had the landlord sign him over to me, first making sure I had backup plans in place.

But people are fickle and circumstances change and those backup plans have evaporated. So now the search is on for someone who will care for him for the rest of his life. He will be neutered, sheared, and have toes and teeth trimmed before he leaves here. If you know of anyone who is willing to add one shy but very nice alpaca to their family, please email heartsonnoses@shaw.ca

And please cross post and tell your animal loving friends!!

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Jean said...

Thanks Janice!! I've had several responses (though I'm still open to more) and I'm in the process of getting more info on each potential home.
Now, if only we could find a permanent home for Scotch, Soda and the ten piglets rather than stretching your resources still thinner! Anyone want a family of twelve WONDERFUL piggies????????