Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

I haven't been blogging much as i have been busy in a battle between the snow and my animals here. I hate that shoveling the snow to make space for them has them also surrounded by four foot walls of snow and barely enough room to eat and turn around in never mind an area to potty in. But as i tell the pigs we need a slow melt so we are not knee deep in water and muck.

Tonight's desert was heart shaped cheese cookies and as i tossed them like confetti I yelled "Happy New Year" to my pigs. Oh boy fun food! And tomorrow they have a huge surprise waiting for them on the Salad Bar. Paula and Jim filled a huge plastic tub with popcorn, nuts and coconut!! Nothing could be better to put a smile back on a pigs face in such brutal weather .

I have this week off so i will be working on the business side of this Sanctuary such as getting a newsletter done and all the donations entered so i am ready to do receipts and Thank you cards.

I hope there it is not snowing when i wake up in the morning.


Jean said...

It is snowing here AGAIN this morning - after I just had the plowguy here last night to dig me out of the foot that fell yesterday. My pigs and dogs are bored and cranky. I am not bored, but I am also cranky.
Perhaps I should spend today getting my receipts in order, too - I have some that need to go to you!
Enjoy your week off.

Janice Gillett said...

Its snowing big fuffy flakes here too..

I am sick of it and so is my back,arms, legs..

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking of you and all the piggers in the West under this blanket of snow! ellie has been toasty warm in her new insulated home with the heater that comes on in very cold weather. She is not getting out for anything except food and pottying and I am worried about her hydration. I have been giving her half juice diluted with water and she laps that up! We just got 14 more inches last night and shoveled out a path to her potty area. Those summer days when we walked all over our acres seem so long ago! Gayle

Colleen said...

Happy New Year to all the animals at Hearts On Noses!

My wish for you is that the snow clears!

Janice Gillett said...

Jean it is snowing now and has been snowing all night. UGH!!! More shovelling today, freeing up weighted down trees, and of course hauling water.

Thanks Colleen but ehem it is still snowing!!! man oh man

Gayle it is a nightmare here, we have over 30 inches of snow for sure now . Not as cold here as it is there i bet and i am giving juice/water to two of my pigs here as well.

Well let the shovelling begin!!!