Thursday, September 8, 2011

She Wants Us To Move This?

Vancouver Foundation's awarded Grant for our hay storage , shelter and storage has started to be put to work now. I ordered a load of gravel/dirt for my carpenter to use to level the area . The left overs will be be moved to areas in the piggy paddocks for dry footing in our winter weather.

Rene has been back and forth a few times with truck loads of wood and more will be needed as we go here. Justin laid out the gravel and Rene started framing in the floor.

And true to my women hood when i saw how it was placed I wanted it moved. Rene, i am sure wanted to shoot me but with the help of Kasun and his two brothers Kamil and Shev who arrived the following day we all moved it and now it is perfect.

Of course now that we moved it there was gravel left where the floor isn't anymore and enter Justin who arrived to help move it again. Geeshhhhhhh women!!

Today was a GREAT day, Justin arrived to help with that gravel and by the time he got here i had already done the barn and had picked up the manure around it.

I had a freezer in the basement i never wanted and saw someone on Craig list looking for one. With Justin's help and Martin removing the doors they got it out and yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy its gone finally!!!

An hour or so later Diane arrived to trim my horses and both girls were so good for there hoof trim.

Just as we were finishing Lee arrived with a car load of fancy bread for the pigs and five boxes of big tomatoes for the pigs. YUM!!!!!!!!!

After getting lee unloaded and on her way i started to do the waters for all the pigs , filled up wallows and Justin moved the gravel to some uneven areas under the mats for the horses in the barn and used the rest to create a ramp up for them .

Can it get any better then this? It has been non stop all day here and i can't be happier !!


Jean said...

That is just great, Janice - a wonderful day in so many ways. And I remember how much Scotch LOVES tomatoes - yum yum yum!

Colleen said...

Yay for grants! How wonderful for you and your crew Janice!

Your place, once everything's together is going to be fantastic. As it should be.

veganelder said...


Janice Gillett said...

Oh he had tons Jean , all your pigs loved them!!! Such a treat for sure!!!

Yes Colleen we got 5000.00 this year so i have begun spending it now!

Now there is the word for the day, superlative!!

John Going Gently said...

have not visited for an age... just found your blog again
nice to be back in pigland!